Canadian ice hockey player Arber Xhekaj is an immigrant and the offspring of Jack and Simona. Currently, the kid plays for the NHL’s Montreal Canadiens.

When trying to play minor hockey with the Hamilton Huskies, Xhekaj was well known for having a rather small build. He was thus passed over in the 2017 Ontario Hockey League entry draft.

2018 saw the 21-year-old granted access to the Rangers’ training camp. He joined the team and played in the OHL for two seasons before the COVID-19 pandemic ended the 2020–21 campaign.

It was unfortunate for his prospects of making the professional ranks since he wasn’t chosen in either the 2020 or 2021 NHL drafts. But before the 2021–2022 NHL season, he received a second invitation to training camp, this time from the Montreal Canadiens.

Despite not being chosen, Xhekaj has proven over the first 11 games of this season that he belongs in the NHL. He was not even selected in the OHL draft prior to playing for the Kitchener Rangers and Hamilton Bulldogs.

Arber Xhekaj
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To Find Out Who Are Arber Xhekaj Parents? Continue reading the article.

Who Are Arber Xhekaj Parents?

One of the couple’s two children, Arber Xhekaj, was brought into the world on January 30, 2001, by his involved parents Jack and Simona. In Hamilton, Ontario, he was born.

Jack, Xhekaj’s father, was a former soccer player. While Simona, his mother, played volleyball. They are neither hockey players nor scouts.

They eventually met in Hamilton’s Sheraton Hotel more than twenty years ago after being referred by common acquaintances.

Arber and Florian were eventually given to them as a result of their eventual love affair. While his mother is from the Czech Republic, Arber’s father, with whom he shares a name, resides in Kosovo.

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In the 1990s, his parents departed their own countries. The 21-year-old is happy that neither of his parents is native speakers of the other’s language because it allowed him to grow up among their English accents.

The St. Catharines Falcons selected Xhekaj to represent them at the Jr. Olympics. It was the fall of 2017 when they were 16 years old and first became aware of B GOJHL.

Considering that the Jr. The team thought he was more violent than other children his age because junior and A B levels are usually controlled by older, bigger, and stronger players.

The 6’4″ Arber’s parents constantly encourage him to keep going despite the fact that neither the OHL nor the NHL ever called his name during the draft.

Meet Arber Xhekaj Mother

Arber Xhekaj’s mother, Simona, was born in the Czech city of Hradec Kralove. The NFL athlete makes multiple trips home over the course of two summers.

Simona traveled from the Czech Republic to Canada with just one backpack while she was in her twenties. His mother made sure he maintained his Czech nationality.

He would play professionally or represent his country abroad if given a chance. Arber once stated that having backup plans wouldn’t worry him, even though playing in the NHL is his primary goal.

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Because of his rash choice to get a tattoo last year, Simona wasn’t as happy as she would have been if he had played for the Czech Republic.

Before acquiring the first portion of an arm sleeve, Xhekaj remembered calling his mother, but she wasn’t fond of the idea.

In an effort to persuade his mother to accept it, he made an effort to design something different that wasn’t too evident.

He chose an arrow with the word “mom” next to it. Xhekaj referred to his mother as a strong woman he looked up to when talking to her about the sources of inspiration for the final design.

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Details On Arber Xhekaj Father Jack

Arber Xhekaj, a hockey player, has Albanian background because Jack was born in Albanian Kosovar. Jack was an infant when Kosovo was in danger.

He had to use created fake passports to get by inspections so he wouldn’t get caught. When Jack, Arber’s father, immigrated to Canada in the 1990s, he only brought one pair of material possessions with him: his shoes.

Since becoming a dependable at-home defender, Xhekaj’s reputation has shifted more in favor of talking about his skills rather than his unusual last name (pronounced JACK-eye).

Because he routinely has the lowest attendance rate at the school, his teacher begs him to pronounce his name correctly. His father, an Albanian, gave him his last name.

When he first arrived in Kitchener, his teammates there referred to him as “X” or “X-Man,” but his pals back home called him “Arbs.”

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Who Is Arber Xhekaj Brother Florian Xhekaj?

Together with his younger brother Florian, Arber Xhekaj was raised. They each had a different childhood in Hamilton, Ontario, where they both spent their formative years.

In July 2022, Florian, his younger brother, inked a Standard Players Agreement with the Hamilton Bulldogs. In his junior year, Arber joined the same team, and Florian has since continued in his brother’s footsteps.

In the 2021–22 season, the junior Xhekaj (6′ 2″) made the transition to the junior division. With 17 goals and 23 assists for 40 points in 48 games as a rookie in the GOJHL, he was the Pelham Panthers’ top scorer.

Florian, a powerful striker who can both score and pass the ball, serves as the team’s offensive catalyst. He will undoubtedly preserve Hamilton Bulldog pride.

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