The parents of Amelia Dimoldenberg are the author Paul Dimoldenberg and the campaigner Linda Herdman. This couple’s eldest kid is named Amelia Dimoldenberg.

The gifted individual is a popular figure in the media, recognized for their work as a journalist, YouTuber, TV host, and comedian.

She also acts as chief executive officer of the online series Chicken Shop Date, in which she conducts interviews with celebrities, including rappers and Premier League footballers.

Amelia has accumulated 1.64 million subscribers to her self-titled channel on YouTube. Additionally, she is well-known for her witty sarcasm and awkward, uncomfortable silence during interviews.

Her relationship with American actor Andrew Garfield has recently made her more well-known on the internet.

Due to the lady’s flirtatious behaviour toward the actor on the Golden Globes red carpet, speculation has arisen that the two may be secretly dating.

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Amelia Dimoldenberg’s Parents

Paul Dimoldenberg and Linda Hardman, Amelia’s parents, are committed union organizers. Two beautiful girls are the result of the couple’s union.

According to Stylist Co Uk, the mother is a kind old lady in her 70s and has a height of fewer than 5 feet, 5 inches.

Amelia’s mother is awkward, witty, and extremely kind in her daughter’s estimation. Occasionally, she will appear on her daughter’s Instagram or at one of her parties, such as Valentine’s Affair at The Standard.

Paul Is An Author And Politician

Paul, her father, writes and runs for office. His Amazon author page claims he authored The Westminster Whistleblowers, a book on the “Homes for Votes” scandal that rocked Westminster in the ’80s and ’90s.

As well he has penned Cheer Churchill. A Sense of Duty highlights the biography of Sir Ashley Bramall, a pioneer in London’s education system, and Vote Labour depicts the tale of the 1945 General Election. Building the New Jerusalem details the Attlee Government’s efforts to construct one million new houses.

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He’s also a politician and writer. Before being elected to the Queen’s Park Labour Council, he spent eight years as a Harrow Road counsellor.

It’s been 25 years since he first took on that responsibility. During his tenure as team leader, he unearthed the “Homes for Votes” and “15p Cemeteries” scams.

The Labour Group’s former leader has held that position before. Now, he’s in charge of urban planning and air quality as a cabinet member.

Amelia Values Her Family Time

Amelia values her family time very highly. In 2019, she and her mother took a trip to Japan. She went so far as to pen an essay extolling the virtues of mothers as travelling companions.

She explained how her non-technical mother led to them getting lost in Tokyo during their vacation there. And she stated it was fantastic to go with her to Stylist Co UK.

Thus they produced a lot of memories together. The comedian’s family includes her parents and a sister named Zoe. Like her, she is a writer, and they appear to have collaborated in 2015.

Ameilia mentioned her sister as an intern in an Ig post; Zoe referred to her as “Female Boss” in the comments section.

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