Who Are Adrien Rabiot Parents?

Adrien Rabiot’s parents are Michel Provost and Veronique Rabiot. He was brought up in Saint Maurice by his parents, Michel and Veronique.

Rabiot represents the Italian Serie A club Juventus and his native France on the national squad. The center midfielder debuted for the first time in his professional career in 2012 with Paris Saint-Germain B.

Over his seven years with PSG, he made over 150 appearances and scored 13 goals. In 2019, Adrien signed a free-agent contract with Juventus and helped the team win the Serie A championship.

Rabiot’s versatility and quick thinking have made him a fan favorite in the midfield. Due to his skills and physique, he was viewed as a promising player when he was younger. The player has played in the UEFA Euro 2020 and the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

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Adrien Rabiot’s Parents

Michel Provost and Veronique Rabiot, Adrien Rabiot’s parents, are natives of Saint Maurice. His agent is Veronique as well.

After being scouted by Manchester City, Michel and Rabiot spent six months in England. When they ultimately relocated back to France, their son signed up with PSG.

Veronique, Rabiot’s mother, is known for being abrasive. Since Adrien began his profession, her antics have often made the news.

For example, in 2014, Veronique waited for Laurent Blanc in the parking lot to accuse him of demoting Adrien to the B squad. Veronique, acting as his representative, even suggested taking legal action against the club.

During a training camp in Doha, she had difficulty with the Parisian club. Members of the family were not allowed within the compound.

Veronique’s brutal bargaining tactics ended any chance of Rabiot coming to Barcelona. After the Spanish team couldn’t meet his financial demands, he transferred to Turin.

As a general rule, Adrien’s mother stuck to her guns. When he was 15, she pulled him out of the Manchester City youth program. In Veronique’s opinion, they didn’t have enough faith in him.

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In 2021, when France played Switzerland, Veronique spoke to the Mbappe family. Several other families have reported seeing her in an argument.

After Switzerland’s equalizer, she voiced her displeasure with Paul Pogba. His loved ones were upset by what happened. After Veronique argued with his family, she expressed her dislike for Kylian Mbappe.

Mbappe’s father, Wilfried, was instructed by Rabiot to chat with his son. Ultimately, she was critical of TF1 journalists and demanded that they be truthful in their reporting.

According to Daily Star, Michel Provost was seriously hurt in an accident in 2007. He had to fight against the locked-in condition he had after a stroke.

When Adrien was a kid, he and his dad regularly played football. Because of Michel’s illness, he had to grow up at a much more rapid pace than usual.

How Is Adrien Rabiot’s Family Life?

Adrien and his family settled in Saint-Maurice, France, when he was young. Due to his commitment to football, he had to relocate several times before he was ten.

Since his father, Michel, was a die-hard football fan, it was only natural that young Michel would develop an appreciation for the sport.

He spent time at home playing with his family and friends in his youth before enrolling in summer camp. In 2008, he was seen by a scout from Manchester City.

They realized Adrien was a thoughtful and wise young man. Since he was so lovely and respectful, everyone took notice of him.

Rabiot began his youth career at the tender age of six and spent a significant portion of his life in training camps. His mother encouraged and accompanied him to his training sessions to help him succeed.

Presently, he divides his time between France and Turin, Italy. Stunning photos of his two canine companions can be found on Adrien’s Instagram feed.

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