Monument Valley and the Arizona-Utah border appear in She Wore a Yellow Ribbon. This film, from 1949, was directed by John Ford. The film was costly for its day, ranking among the top 10 most expensive westerns at $1.6 million.

The film was inspired by the song “She Wore a Yellow Ribbon,” which became a hit in the United States Armed Forces. An old cavalry soldier named Nathan Cutting Brittles is given one more duty at the film’s end.

After George Armstrong Custer was defeated in the Battle of the Little Big Horn, he had to cope with a Cheyenne and Arapaho breakout from their reservation and avert a new frontier war.

Ford, the filmmaker, struggled at first to cast the significant character. That John Wayne would have to play a guy nearly twenty years older than him dissuaded him from considering him for the part. But John stepped up to the plate and delivered one of the finest performances of his career.

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Where Was The Location Of The Movie She Wore A Yellow Ribbon?

1949 western She Wore a Yellow Ribbon was shot at Monument Valley and other locations in Arizona and Utah. The cast and crew of Monument Valley were subjected to rudimentary accommodations while filming.

Most people stayed in cottages with dirt floors and shared cold-water drum showers. The production of the film was completed early and under budget.

During an argument, one of the film’s most iconic scenes occurred. A real thunderstorm developed on the horizon as the cavalry charged into the desert.

As the weather deteriorated, Hoch started putting away the cameras, but Ford instructed him to keep filming.

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Hoch argued that the situation was too dark and that the cameras may be struck by lightning if the storm moved overhead.

Despite Hoch’s complaints, the director kept shooting the sequence even though the rain poured down and drenched everyone involved.

The cameraman complained about recording this scene with the American Society of Cinematographers. Much of the film was shot in Utah and Arizona.

Not only was it carried out in the oceans of Mexico but also in Arizona at Kanab Movie Fort, Goulding’s Trading Post, and other locales.

A Few Shot Of The Movie Was At The Mexican Hat In Utah, USA

Many places where She Wore a Yellow Ribbon was shot are now popular with tourists. Monument Valley was the primary location for filming “She Wore a Yellow Ribbon.”

A film’s site may make or break its success, which is one of the best. The available guided tours of Monument Valley may be arranged in advance of your trip.

A few scenes, however, were shot at the Mexican Hat in Utah, USA. The spectacular rock formations here have made the area a popular tourist hotspot.

Highway 163 leads around 20 miles from Bluff to the San Juan River. Navajo Tribal Park was also used for western drama filming. You may find it in the middle of Monument Valley.

Travelers who are willing to brave a 17-kilometer dirt route will be rewarded with a park that is nothing short of breathtaking. National parks and museums, for example, are off-limits for reshoots because of their protected status.

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