The third season of His Dark Materials picks up where the second one left off, with Mrs. Coulter and Lyra hiding out in St. Govan’s Chapel.

The third installment of the popular television adaptation of Philip Pullman’s fantasy trilogy will air in December.

The new season debuted on Sunday, December 18, on BBC One in the UK, although it debuted on the streaming service HBO Max on December 5 in the US.

Although all episodes are already accessible to stream on BBC iPlayer, new episodes will begin airing in the UK on Sunday nights.

This time, the locations team has selected several magnificent locales for the action.

The film is known for its stunning visuals. The first episode extensively uses St Govan’s, a strangely deserted chapel.

Where Is St Govan's Chapel From His Dark Materials Season 3?
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Where Is St Govan’s Chapel From His Dark Materials Season 3?

On Wales’ southwest coast, in Pembrokeshire, is where St. Govan’s Chapel is located. It is a genuine hermit’s cell carved out of the Castlemartin Range’s cliffs and dates back to the fifth and sixth centuries.

According to legend, St. Govan, a saint from this time, lived in Pembrokeshire. The saint was attacked by pirates one day while strolling along Wales’ south coast.

Opening a gap in the Castlemartin Range, where St. Govan spent the following days hiding out, was a miracle. The gap reopened to release St. Govan once the pirates had sailed away, but the saint chose to remain here for safety. He established his isolated cell here.

The Pembrokeshire Coast website claims that visiting the location might grant your wishes. When pirates came around, St. Govan had a magic bell that would ring as a warning.

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Dark Materials Season 3 Filming Locations

The third season of His Dark Materials has a lot of location switching as it jumps between realms. Here are a few of the sites where the most recent season was filmed:

  • London, England
  •  Oxford, England
  •  Cardiff, Wales
  •  Bad Wolf Studios, Wales
  •  Andalucia, Spain
  •  Guadalhorce Valley, Spain

Watch His Dark Materials on HBO Max in the US or BBC iPlayer in the UK. Sunday nights on BBC One, new episodes of His Dark Materials season 3 air.

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