Where Are Bridezilla Amanda And Steven Now?

Amanda and Steven, a former couple from the Bridezilla reality show, have already divorced.

Bridezillas is an American reality television program that airs on WE Tv. The program debuted on June 1st, 2004. The series follows the rambunctious bridesmaids before and throughout the wedding, displaying their hectic schedules and the meltdowns they experience.

An episode often tell both the bride’s and the groom’s sides of the narrative. The first time they met, how they fell in love, and the events that led to their marriage are all covered in the report.

In addition to teams, the series also depicts the interactions of others around the unit. The bride’s family, the groom’s family, wedding planners, and several other service providers are featured in the show.

Bridezilla Amanda Steven
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Where Are Steven And Amanda From?

In WEtv Bridezilla’s season, in ten episode 6, Amanda and Steven make an appearance. In the show, Amanda experienced a severe breakdown.

They looked exactly like other brides and grooms in Bridezilla episodes. She is, however, known as the worst bride on the show. Even the fiance’s fear of his girlfriend is evident in the series episode.

Even if they are needless, the fiancee demands items she doesn’t want. She coerces her henpecked partner into purchasing her. In the scene, the soon-to-be woman forces her future husband to get a lizard even though he doesn’t want to care for it.

The bride-to-be would swear and call her sister, who served as her bridesmaid, names for arriving late while shopping and threatened to drive her over with a car if she disobeyed her order. One scene features their ex-wife announcing her pregnancy so that her fiancé will buy her a diamond necklace.

She says that Steven needs to accept what she wants as his woman when he accuses her of making such a claim.

Even though their wedding ceremony was a disaster, and she even blasted the guests who attended, they eventually were married but struggled for a while to have a happy marriage.

Where Are Amanda and Steven?

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The relationship between Steven and Amanda has always been complex for all of them and is like a rollercoaster ride.

Steven adored his girlfriend despite knowing their relationship was unhealthy. So, the couple only attended the show at her request. After a year of marriage, the henpecked man could not remain with her. He consequently split from his wife.

He left his ex-wife behind, where she was having an affair with a man named Andy, and went to Orlando, leaving her behind. The first time Amanda’s ex-husband saw her in public, she was with a different man.

Steven was in the wrong position, even if his ex-wife was having a good time. He just managed to escape the disaster, thanks to his buddies. Later, the guy finished college and relocated to New Jersey.

He has yet to start dating anyone new in terms of relationships. He is looking for someone compatible because he has trust concerns with a new person because of his prior relationship.

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