When Is Micarah Tewers Getting Engaged? Find Her Engagement Details With Her Fiance Joe

Micarah Tewers and her fiance Joe announced their engagement in a YouTube video. Micarah flaunted her engagement ring in a 2021 video in which she dressed as the character from Atonement wearing green attire.

With 1.99 million subscribers, American YouTuber Micarah recreates popular cartoon and entertainment industry outfits.

On the other side, her better half Joe frequently appears in her fashion films wearing a costume that she designed.

Her most recent task was to develop some quick and original Halloween ideas for the two on Halloween 2022.

Micarah Tewers
Image Source: instagram

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Joe’s fiancée Micarah Tewers

In an Instagram post, Micarah Tewers hinted that she and her fiancé Joe had engaged.

Micarah shared the information in a “Making THAT Green Dress From Atonement” video on March 19.

She didn’t have an engagement ring when the video started, but she made some comments regarding partnerships.

Image Source: instagram

She holds out a mug that asks, “Does this ring make me look engaged?” while she discusses the differences between Americans and Britons.

This is shown in the video around 4:47. The words “I love you, Joe” is flashed by Micarah at 8:14.

She may be seen wearing an engagement ring in the final three seconds of the video when she reveals that she cannot recall the important announcement.

She then displays her engagement ring indecently. It doesn’t RING a bell, she concluded!

An American YouTuber Micarah Tewers

Image Source: instagram

Micarah Tewers is an American costume designer and YouTuber.

Tewers registered for a YouTube account on January 15, 2010, but she didn’t start posting videos until April 5, 2017. Her films mostly focus on sewing, cosplay, and creating historically accurate clothing.

She also includes videos of her family, dogs, and daily activities in the vlog format. She entered a design competition for recycling in 2018 and won with a dress she designed from recyclable materials.

For Christmas 2022, she made a red Barbie dress out of recyclable plastic because she has always adored everything about the doll.

Additionally, she gave her car and scooter a Barbie makeover and pondered whether the RV or house should be the following project. She has never gone to a university or college to further her education and has always been homeschooled, as seen by the size of her YouTube following.

Despite not having a formal education, she has made great strides in sewing. She calls herself a costume maker rather than a fashion designer, perhaps because she only copies existing costumes rather than creating her line.

She has adopted a Marilyn Monroe-inspired look and stance. She accurately recreated the well-known clothing and even the postures in answer to all of her followers’ demands.

Bridgerton, Julia Roberts and Richard Gele from Pretty Women, Buttercup and Wesley from the Princess Bride, among many more, are just a few of the Halloween costumes she has designed.

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