When Did Peter Serafinowicz Started Dating His Wife?

Sarah Alexander, the wife of Peter Serafinowicz, is an actress best known for her role in Armstrong. Since 2006, Peter and Sarah have been a couple for almost a decade.

The son of Polish immigrant parents, Szymon and Catherine Geary, the English actor grew up in Liverpool. He’s one of three kids.

He finished elementary school at Our Lady of the Assumption. When he was old enough, he enrolled at St. Francis Xavier’s and eventually graduated.

Later, he became a regular on Radio 4’s parody programs. After a while, he started making guest appearances on TV series like those broadcast by the BBC, which parody the same genre.

He debuted in a recurring role in Spaced, a Channel 4 sitcom. He had comparable roles in similar programs and had begun his career in film. Later, BBC hired him to host his agenda, but it didn’t last long.

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Peter Serafinowicz’s Girlfriend, Sarah Alexander

Sarah Alexander and Peter Serafinowicz have been married since 2006. Sarah’s performance in Miller has made her a star. As a working actress, she debuted that year. Her first acting job was a supporting one in The Bill.

As the years progressed, she became a regular on the BBC’s Lovejoy, a comedy-drama. She has been shown in various films, including Drop the Dead* Donkey and Rappaccini’s Daughter.

Her breakthrough came in 1997 when she was cast in an episode of Armstrong and Miller on Channel 4. She has also been in several stage productions, including Hand in Hand, Macbeth, and The Secretary Bird.

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Numerous films and TV shows have featured her acting talents, including Red Dwarf, Smith & Jones, The Worst Week of My Life, Teachers, I Could Never Be Your Woman and Gobetweenies.

The actor Gerald Harper was her boo. While Gerald was 72, Sarah was only 29. She started dating her current spouse soon after she broke up with Harper.

In addition to a boy, the happy couple also has a daughter. Sam and Phoebe are the names of the kid and girl, respectively.

Peter Serafinowicz’s Family

Peter’s entire family is famous, from himself to his grandpa, who has been a media darling.

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Peter Serafinowicz’s Grandfather

Szymon Serafinowicz Sr., Peter’s grandpa, was tried for war crimes during World War II. Under the War Crimes Act of 1991, he was the first person in Britain to be tried for war crimes.

The grandpa was supposedly a former police commander in Belarus who, in 1941, was accused of ordering the execution of three Jews in the town of Mir.

Additionally, he was blamed for aiding German troops in exterminating 3,000 Jews in and around Minsk, the country’s capital. Serfinowicz Sr. was named as the suspect by 16 witnesses.

According to one of the eyewitnesses, the grandpa has even observed shooting and killing a woman. He vigorously refuted the allegations made against him.

The dementia and medical incapacity he suffered meant he was never brought to trial. About 85 months after the lawsuit was dismissed, Serafinowicz Sr. died away.

Peter said that if his grandpa had not been unwell, he would have been able to prove that the accusation was false and damaged his reputation.

Peter Serafinowicz’s Brother, James Serafinowicz

Peter’s older brother’s name is James, and his name is Serafinowicz. James is a talented actor, writer, and producer.

Some films he’s worked on are Brass Eye, Look Around You, Fit, Sick Notes, and Truth Seekers, among many more.

While on air, he and his brother satirized a commercial for Cillit Bang by promoting a Kitchen Gun, which is meant to blast away at kitchen surfaces and equipment to clean them while also harming them.

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