What Is The Meaning Of Stanning In National Treasure Edge Of History?

According to National Treasure: Edge of History, “stanning” is an unhealthy obsession with a famous person. Valenzuela utilizes it frequently during the show.

This show reimagines the National Treasure film franchise, which first debuted in 2004. The second film in this series hit theaters in 2016, and a third is now under production.

It was a worldwide hit, and National Treasure: Edge of History producers aimed for the same type of success with their film. But sadly, it fell short of people’s hopes.

A few positive reviews have been posted about it on sites like IMDb, where audiences and reviewers may discuss movies and television shows. Several different people have directed this Disney+ series for individual episodes.

Mira Nair and Nathan Hope directed the first two episodes. After the episodes of this action adventure are made available, the list of other directors will be made public.

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What Is The Meaning of National Treasure Edge Of History Stanning?

National Treasure: Edge of History defines “stanning” as an unhealthy fixation on a historical figure. A common swear term among the show’s characters.

“Stanning” is defined as “extreme fandom of a certain celebrity, musician, or fictional character” in the Urban Dictionary. It’s made by putting together the first few letters of “stalker” and “fan,” respectively.

After the debut of Eminem’s solo single Stan, the term “stan” entered the English language. In 2000, the rapper opened out on what it’s like to be a die-hard music lover.

Ever Since, it is now one of the most widespread varieties of English slang, especially among young people.

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There’s a group of adolescents who also go out on a mission to uncover a treasure in this Disney+ series. One of the main characters, Jess Valenzuela (Lisette Olivera), used the term when she was questioned about perhaps stalking a YouTuber.

The performers have done a fantastic job at lying for their roles, but the plot twists and turns need to land with the viewers the way they hoped they would.

A lot of people prefer to avoid the show thus far. People have complained that the overall situation is awkward and unrealistic.

Release Date And Time Of National Treasure Edge Of History

On Disney+ at midnight ET on December 14, 2022, National Treasure: Edge of History was made available to the public. Only the first two episodes are accessible at this time.

This is the newest installment of the National Treasure film series, which debuted in 2004. The plot follows a teenager’s journey to unearth a long-lost historical artifact.

Jess Valenzuela, one of the show’s main protagonists, is featured prominently, and the plot centers on her exploits.

Jess and her pals set out on a journey to learn the truth about her family’s past and find something that changes their lives forever.

They learn the truth about long-lost Pan-American artifacts that have been dispersed worldwide. They all quest to get those valuables back while learning more about Jess’s ancestry.

Jess Valenzuela, as portrayed by Lisette Olivera, is spot-on. The actor is just 23 years old. Therefore, she was already familiar with the realities of today’s teenagers’ lives. Thus, she had relatively few challenges to overcome when playing the role.

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