TikTok trends frequently follow current events, shift with the seasons, and adapt to them.

Holidays are a prime example of this because they justify people adopting or creating new trends depending on the holiday.

There isn’t a single holiday, much less a significant one, that goes by without one or more TikTok trends being created in its honor.

So, with Thanksgiving just around the corner, it makes sense that there will be many TikTok trends devoted to the holiday.

Thanksgiving is one of the less-big-deal American holidays, so it’s a good time to be creative and use different TikTok trends to make this celebration of family, friends, and the American way more fun.

What Is The 20 Most Popular Funny Thanksgiving Trends On TikTok Right Now?
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Here Are Some Adorable TikTok Trends for This Year’s Thanksgiving:

1. Home For Thanksgiving Trend

College students or those who live far away and are returning home for Thanksgiving will love this trend.

The song “Back Home Ballers” from a 2019 Saturday Night Live skit is used by people, especially women, which is why it is successful.

This skit, which stars renowned actress Cameron Diaz, is about people returning to their families for Thanksgiving dinner to act like children, especially their parents.

In other words, they act spoiled and avoid typical adult responsibilities like doing the dishes or getting groceries.

People engage in this trend by lip-syncing to songs and then acting out lyrics, such as dropping off luggage at their parents’ house and eating unhygienically.

2. Thankful For Trend

In this Thanksgiving trend, people, particularly couples, share their gratitude.

This trend has a comedic twist in that instead of showing appreciation to their partner; they use it to jokingly or playfully criticize or complain about something.

The best way to take advantage of this trend as a practical joke is to have one partner start by listing their blessings before moving on to all their grievances.

For comedic effects, the viewer might need to determine whether the couple or whoever is filming the video truly means it.

But if done right, this fashion can generate a lot of laughter.

3. The Bound2 Trend

This Thanksgiving tradition is easy to follow and doesn’t require folks to perform in the videos.

The phrase “Ayo, we made it to Thanksgiving/So ay, maybe we can make it to Christmas” appears in Kanye West’s song Bound 2.

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A text discussion that started whenever in time but ended on Thanksgiving is showcased in this fashion, which is once again more popular among couples.

This fashion trend is a cute method to demonstrate to others how long a relationship has lasted or how assured one is in their partnership.

4. How My Thanksgiving Is Going Trend

Another humorous Thanksgiving trend involves using a TikTok sound to act out a situation.

Two people are arguing in a hypothetical situation. All significant holidays, especially Thanksgiving, are known for fostering interpersonal relationships.

However, bringing people together frequently results in fights, a negative side effect.

The sound in question, then, is from the scene in the movie “Ted” where the title character and his lover argue while bringing up their respective families.

This is also ideal for Thanksgiving; people are making fun of the fights that frequently break out at Thanksgiving dinners using this fashion.

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5. Thanksgiving Dinner Be Like Trend

In contrast to earlier trends, this one is more about Thanksgiving leftovers bickering with each other.

Using a scene from the 1998 television miniseries The Temptations, in which band members quarrel about who is better than whom.

Using this sound, people have created skits in which one food, usually Mac n Cheese, disparages other Thanksgiving staples like turkey, collard greens, and sweet potato pie and declares that it is superior to each of them.

This skit confirms the common misconception that appetizers are almost always preferable to the main course regarding Thanksgiving fare.

6. Which Cousin Are You Trend

Another tendency that focuses on the family is when the TikTok creator enters the room as a different relative.

These cousins or cousins can include those who get along with everyone, like to party, work a lot, or get along.

The beautiful thing about this trend is that people may take advantage of it and include relatives or cousins that fit their particular demographic.

One of the few trends that allow people of all races, genders, and ethnicities to make fun of the types of people who attend their parties.

7. Thanksgiving Be Like Trend

This fashion is a little more edgy and irreverent because it criticizes people rather than makes fun of them.

As was already mentioned, Thanksgiving is notorious for escalating tensions within families.

As a result, there are many disputes, but in this trend, people make sketches about debates that conclude with someone bringing up something illegal or nearly illegal that someone did.

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For instance, someone might make fun of someone else for something silly, like watching cartoons as an adult. The joke’s target might bring up something serious, like the original subject’s illicit relationships with children.

This fashion parodies the raunchy elements of Thanksgiving feasts.

8. Last Day Before Thanksgiving Break Trend

In contrast to previous trends, this one concentrates more on kids, specifically school-aged kids.

On the final day before Thanksgiving Break, they parody school or engage in humorous behavior at school.

You can do this by dancing, pulling a joke on the teachers, or doing something amusing like making a silly face.

Its simplicity and self-explanatory nature make it very easy to understand.

9. Are You Full Yet Trend

Someone asking another person if they’re full is yet another clumsy trend.

As the person being asked tries to eat more food and gradually becomes irritated, the person asking is typically trying to get the other person to leave.

They become increasingly irritated, but they still fail to recognize that the first person attempts to ask them to leave politely.

In this scene, the miscommunication between the two leads to conflict and humor.

10. Sweet Yamz Trend

This craze is a response to a Bruce’s Yams commercial by Fetty Wap, a well-known rapper.

Additionally, this trend is very straightforward because whoever decides to do it either responds to or performs the Sweet Yamz song that Fetty Wap is singing.

Image Source: –hip-hopvibe.com

One of the most common techniques is watching how people respond to Fetty Wap’s songs.

Because Fetty Wap, who was once undeniably successful in 2015, vanished from the mainstream music scene in the latter half of the 2010s, it is currently trending.

Many people credit the Sweet Yamz song for helping them rediscover Fetty Wap.

11. Byron (Biden) Trend

This fad is a remake of the Joe Byron meme, which peaked in popularity the previous year.

The original audio was from an interview conducted by Sidetalk NYC, a TikTok channel.

They conducted their interview by traveling around New York and speaking with a variety of people who said in a very New York manner.

When asked in one of these films what they are grateful for on Thanksgiving, the interviewee responded, “beans, rice, Jesus Christ, and Byron.”

They refer to Joe Biden, the president, as Byron. When someone says “Byron,” it has been repurposed to mean either their lover or family.

12. Favorite Cousin Trend

Another family-centered trend of two cousins meeting is the trend in this instance.

The idea that there is always a favorite cousin at Thanksgiving is a well-known cliche.

To demonstrate that they are each other’s favorite cousins, two people meeting for the first time may start dancing or acting silly.

Because of its accessibility and simplicity, this trend is prevalent.

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13. Thanksgiving Coming Up Trend

Another food-related trend, this one, is also reasonably straightforward.

In this fad, people merely ask, “Thanksgiving is coming up; what shall we do?”

They then respond with a variety of Thanksgiving fare, including mac and cheese, turkey, ham, collard greens, and sweet potato pie.

To make the video humorous, they occasionally include a funny allusion.

14. Thanksgiving Fit Trend

Even though Thanksgiving is often a family gathering where nobody dresses up, this trend is the reverse.

Here, a person, usually a woman, makes a video to show off their clothes, which are usually expensive or trendy.

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The film mainly consists of people showing off their clothes. They frequently do this while rap music is playing.

15. UNameItChallenge Trend

This trend is an adaptation of the UNameItChallenge, another challenge.

The first challenge involved a dance to the song “Beans, Greens, Potatoes, Tomatoes You Name It,” which went viral last year.

The person who creates the TikTok for Thanksgiving dances to the music while preparing or serving Thanksgiving meals.

Surprisingly, it evokes feelings of Thanksgiving.

16. Wholesome Thanksgiving Trend

This trend is straightforward and endearing, in contrast to many of the abovementioned ones.

Making a TikTok movie to celebrate all the lovely aspects of Thanksgiving, such as going to your parent’s house and seeing relatives, is all required in this situation.

Fall foliage is all around, and there’s typically an indie tune playing in the background.

17. Only Single One Trend

This is another dance-related fad, but one person practices it.

This trend emphasizes that one must dance if one is the only single person at Thanksgiving dinner.

This pattern arises because Thanksgiving is typically a family holiday where partners are brought.

Therefore, if one is single after a certain age, they are teased or made to feel a little out of the loop.

Because of this, most of those who perform this dance are in their mid-to-late-20s, when they are typically expected to be married or have a severe enough relationship to bring to Thanksgiving dinner.

Typically, this dance is performed to a sped-up rendition of Katy Perry’s song The One That Got Away.

The song is appropriate because it is humorous yet sad and is about a lover who ran away.

18. Cooking Recipe Trend

This trend is the most straightforward and dynamic. Here, the trend-maker only needs to prepare Thanksgiving dinner.

Image Source: –www.taste.com.au

Though some have also posted turkey recipes, most people make something sweet, like Sweet Potato Pie or Casserole.

A group of people cooks wacky food that is still Thanksgiving-related.

19. Day Before And Day After Thanksgiving Trend

Thanksgiving feasts can frequently result in intoxication, much like most social occasions where alcohol is used.

This fad makes fun of that fact, which includes asking someone the day before Thanksgiving how they anticipate the holiday will go and what will happen afterward.

This frequently results in humorous and comedic videos.

20. Friendsgiving Trend

Finally, only some can or want to spend Thanksgiving with their family. Friendsgiving is becoming popular among those without a family to turn to or feel secure.

The custom of friends getting together to celebrate Thanksgiving is becoming increasingly popular, especially among LGBT and urban dwellers.

The first group doesn’t want to go home because it would be too hard, and the second group often doesn’t have a home to go back to.

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