What Is SunBeamsJess Real Name?

Popular YouTuber SunBeamsJess, whose actual name is Jessie, creates material on books on the platform. UK-born SunBeamsJess hails from that country.

One of the most popular YouTubers that discusses books on the internet is Jess. These YouTubers are known as BookTubers, and Jessie has benefited from this by receiving over 45 million views.

She also runs a popular second channel with a more vlog-style format called extrasunbeamsjess. There are almost 129K subscribers to the second channel.

The only video on her channel with more than a million views is the most popular one, which has collected over 1.5 million views. When she was a beauty, and fashion channel, her most popular videos were from that time.

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Find Out The Real Name Of SunBeamsJess

Everything regarding her name has been kept very quiet, except for her first name, which she has disclosed to be Jessie, and her middle name, Kate.

She has made it a point to keep her personal life distinct from her YouTube life, which is one of the key reasons, even though her content is derived from vlogging.

Even in her many FAQs and Get To Know Me films, she has never talked about her personal life beyond her interests and physical conditions like cosmetics and hair colour.

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Throughout her career, one part of her life has not changed. She most recently discussed herself in a 2012 Get to Know Me YouTube video.

She addressed various subjects in the video, including her dog, hair, height, and eye colour.

More About SunBeamsJess

Since a few years ago, SunBeamsJess has been headquartered in London, England, where she presently resides. SunbeamsJess was born in Devon, not far from London, according to a Q&A video.

Since finishing her studies at the university in 2013, Jess has made her home in London. She travels much, particularly in the English countryside, and frequently goes back to Devon to visit her family.

She specialized in English Literature at the University of Edinburgh in Edinburgh, Scotland. She is known to read works from the English Canon, which suggests that her literature studies have impacted her writing.

She is known to go outside London and not simply too rural areas. Earlier this year, she visited America to visit friends and gathered her ruminations in several blog postings.

In addition to the epidemic, she has stopped travelling since she had a kid. Her choice to concentrate more on book reviews in her vlogging has been aided by her determination to establish herself in London firmly and the respite from travelling.

Jessie has yet to publish her entire identity on YouTube since she launched her channel in 2009, but that has yet to stop her from gaining a large following thanks to her personality, vlogging, and fashion sense.

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