What Is Julia Haart’s New Business Haart Sphere And Who Are In It?

In one of My Unorthodox Life segments, Julia Haart talked about her company, Haart Sphere. A businesswoman, Julia.

After being let go from her prior position at Elite World Group, she has already begun to work on her plans.

In My Unorthodox Lives, Julia and her family’s life are highlighted. Season 2 of the award-nominated television show premiered on Netflix on December 2, 2022.

This time, it tells the tale of the Haart family, and Julia must figure out how to combine her divorce and her expanding company.

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About Julia Haart’s New Business Haart Sphere

The new company Julia Haart founded is called Haart Sphere. Julia and her daughter Miriam will start it.

My Unorthodox Life’s sixth episode, which centers on the Haart family, featured Julia discussing her new business idea with her daughter and closest friend.

Even though Julia’s professional life appears to be starting again from scratch, she has not given up.

She wants to launch a tech business with the aid of her family and friends. Miriam, her daughter who studies computer science at Stanford, has produced a few applications and even NFTs, with all the proceeds going to charity.

Julia explained how she became interested in the metaverse and avatars when she joined the EWG but that nobody believed her until Meta declared it meta. People then praised her for being such a genius.

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Although she has yet to determine what type of business they’re developing, she has made comments about making shopping fun and engaging.

She said that people who want assistance comprehending blockchain, bitcoin, or the creation of avatars are welcome in their metaverse.

She told Miriam, Robert, Robert Brotherton, and Robert Zaffiris about their strategy when she mentioned that they had a clear idea and wanted a business plan.

The technology they intend to use in the Haart Sphere has yet to be created anywhere.They must patent whatever innovations they come up with, Miriam underlined, adding that she has a lot of work ahead of her.

When Robert questioned Julia whether she had told anybody about her ambitions or those of her other children, Julia replied that Miriam was the only one who was aware of them since she was ambitious and wanted to give her daughter an opportunity.

As a result, Julia would serve as CEO, Miriam as CTO, Zaffiris as CFO, and Robert as COO. They would all be the company’s owners.

In addition, Julia will be approached by Miriam’s girlfriend about a position in Heart Sphere.

Was Julia Haart Fired From Her Last Job?

After her ex-husband’s divorce, Julia Haart was let go from Elite World Group. Co-owner and ex-husband of Julia.

According to the lawsuit she filed in court, her ex-husband Silvio Scaglia is a liar and a con artist. She said that her husband had requested her to become the CEO of World Elite Group in exchange for EWG giving 2% of its profits to FGH, in which Haart would own a 50% stake.

Haart put her entire effort into the business without receiving direct pay or an employment contract since she trusted her spouse. She boosted its value from around $70 million in 2018 to $700 to 1.1 billion in 2021.

She was unaware that Silvio had total access to the funds and bank accounts of FGH. Even worse, he squandered $1.5 million from the EWG-funded account into which Haart’s pay was placed.

They had chosen to continue being business partners despite Haart’s request for a divorce due to personal issues while she was still oblivious to her husband’s deception.

But in February 2022, Haart realized Silvio had been stealing from her, and she asked him to stop their relationship simultaneously.

She learned that for years, her spouse had supported his lifestyle with the money she had earned through her laborious job.

She then decided to go through the conventional divorce procedure, which led to the freezing of all of their assets.

Both parties are involved in a legal dispute, and Silvio has even accused his ex-wife of embezzling money from EWG and stealing it.

Haart, on the other hand, maintained that he had been abusive by disparaging her the whole time they were married.

Cinemaholic said that a judge recently decided that the earlier firing stands since she does not hold half of FGH but supposedly owns 49.9995957%, even though the legal dispute still needs to be resolved.

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