The Showbizz Daily news article on MSN refers to the car accident that killed 21-year-old influencer Ali Spice as a “kamikaze,” which has led to confusion regarding the use of the word on social media.

The study itself has received more than 1,100 comments. There are several queries from people who want to know more about the English definition of the word “kamikaze.”

The report has since received a lot of Twitter shares. The term “kamikaze,” used to describe a car accident—can be confusing to some individuals.

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What is a ‘kamikaze’ car accident amid Ali Spice reports?

When a car collision is referred to as a “kamikaze car accident” in the media, it means that one of the drivers was going in the opposite direction of the traffic.

Influencer Ali Spice’s “kamikaze” accident “ended her life,” according to MSN, which implies that the vehicle she struck was going against traffic.

She died following the collision. At the time, she and the other two passengers shared the car.

What does the English word “kamikaze” mean?

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Kamikaze, which is directly translated as “divine wind” or “spirit wind,” is a word from Japanese.

In the last part of World War II, the Japanese military used kamikaze planes as part of Special Attack Units, which were made up of military pilots whose job was to launch suicide attacks against Allied naval ships.

They were essentially pilot-guided explosive rockets. Even though less than a fifth of kamikaze attacks were successful, their impact extends beyond the battlefield.

People wants to stop using the term “kamikaze”

People claim that since “a kamikaze” does not exist, this is because it is a “politically proper noun.” In other words, you cannot acquire a kamikaze because they were a military unit.

Ali Spice’s real name is Alexandra Dulin. In the family’s hometown of Orlando, her father, James Dulin, told Fox News that it was still not true. Moments of shock continue to occur.

The crash happened on State Road 44 on Sunday, December 11, 2022, around 2:20 am, according to the Florida Highway Patrol.

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