What Illness Is Tyler Stanaland Suffering From?

Tyler Stanaland, who was on Selling the OC, said he had an autoimmune disease. He fell very ill in 2012 while surfing in Mexico.

Tyler Stanaland is now a part of the cast of The OC on Netflix, a show that doesn’t have a script.

Tyler has fully recovered and is enjoying life by face-surfing in the water. Tyler found a new sense of purpose and a job opportunity in the horse industry.

Tyler Stanaland and Brittany Snow also announced their breakup in September 2022, citing his illness as the reason. Their nearly three-year marriage was going strong.

After he slid into her DMS in 2018, the actor from Selling the OC and the actress from Pitch Perfect met for the first time.

What Illness Is Tyler Stanaland Suffering From?
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What Illness Is Tyler Stanaland Suffering From?

In 2012, Tyler Stanaland developed a terrible illness while surfing in Mexico. He learned he had an autoimmune condition. He started to experience stomach pain and later found out he had ulcers.

Because he was already ill when a doctor performed a test on him that damaged his intestines, he required seven surgeries and nearly 100 days in the hospital.

Tyler told Whalebone Mag about how this condition dramatically changed his life. “You start to have an entirely new regard for the world and see it through new eyes. As a result, I was prepared to move forward and begin living when I felt better.”

Despite being sick, Laguna Beach skimboarder and surfer Tyler Stanaland is all too accustomed to the relaxed California way of life.

He was raised by parents who loved to surf and lived in an area with consistent waves, so his life revolved around the ocean.

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How Is Tyler Stanaland Now?

Tyler Stanaland wasn’t ready to give up on his surfing endeavour despite having completed seven missions and spent nearly 100 days in a hospital.

Tyler has recovered completely and is now enjoying life by surfing in the sea. Tyler felt like his life had a new purpose, and he found a job in the horse industry.

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“I often say, “This is the best/worst thing that has ever happened to me.” He suggested that such information might be crucial. It helped me to understand that life is a gift. He asserted the tour, “It worked in every aspect of my life, so I owe it everything.

Tyler Stanaland and Brittany Snow recently announced their separation, bringing their marriage of almost three years to an end in September 2022.

Tyler Stanaland and Brittany Snow announced their divorce in September 2022, over three years after they wed. The actor from Selling the OC and the actress from Pitch Perfect initially interacted in 2018 after he slid into her DMS.

Numerous rumour websites said there had been unrest in paradise; thus, many people were not shocked by the divorce announcement. Some fans speculate that his behaviour on the Selling Sunset spin-off may have contributed to the separation.

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