What Happened To Zoya Hashmi? Viral TikTok Video And Wikipedia Biography, Boyfriend Instagram Twitter Photos MMS

What Happened To Zoya Hashmi? Viral TikTok Video And Wikipedia Biography, Boyfriend Instagram Twitter Photos MMS
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Zoya Hashmi is a well-known TikTok celebrity with millions of followers on her social media account. A viral video recently went viral on social media.

The viral TikTok star’s video depicts the harassment that exhibits forcefulness toward her. Zoya is among Pakistan’s most well-known TikTok stars and social media impacts.

She has a large following, and once the video went popular on social media, many people shared it widely on various social media sites.

According to the leaked Zoya Hashmi video, three people appear to have implicated the famous TikTok singer.

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What Happen To Zoya Hashmi? Viral TikTok Video

Pakistani TikToker Zoya Hashmi has addressed the internet-shattering viral sexually assault video issue.

An offensive video of a young TikTok user named Zoya Hashmi previously went viral online. The social media star suffered from sexual assault before falling victim to a scandal involving a leaked film.

Model Zoya Hashmi revealed that the horrific incident with YouTuber Zunaira Maham happened four years ago when she was asked about it. When I was a college student, it occurred to me. I don’t care about the situation anymore, she continued.

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The young woman’s phone is taken by an unidentified man in the released video, who then records explicit footage of her private parts.

Many people on social media expressed their horror at the heinous conduct and urged that those responsible be held accountable.

Aiman Zaman, a well-known TikTok celebrity, has previously run into trouble after her provocative and improper films with her fiance Mujtaba Lakhani leaked online.

Zoya Hashmi Wikipedia: Explore Her Biography

Zoya Hashmi is a Pakistani TikTok star yet to be featured on the official page of Wikipedia. She is a professional TikTok star singer who is 27 years old. Her date of birth is May 15, 1995.

Hashmi’s height is 5 feet 7 inches, and her weight is 56 kg. The hair and eyes color of the star is black.

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Her nationality is Pakistan, and her religion is Islam. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is the birth place of TikTok star Zoya.

TikTok star has already completed her school(Govt High School Rawalpindi), college(Girls College Islamabad), and university(Girls University Islamabad).

Who Is Zoya Hashmi’s Boyfriend? Meet Her Parents In Details

Zoya Hashmi’s boyfriend’s name is Zeeshan-Rokhri. He is active on Twitter under the username @ZeeshanRokhri.

He joined Twitter in December 2015 and has gained 3,648 followers.

Hashmi’s parents are Hashmi Sahib(father) and Mrs. Hashmi(mother).

Meet Zoya Hashmi On Instagram

Zoya Hashmi is active on Instagram under the username @zoii_hashmiii12, where she has posted 591 posts.

She has gained 540k followers and is following 283 people on Instagram. She informs us frequently on Instagram thanks to her high activity there.

With 7.1 million followers and more than 179 million likes, Zoya Hashmi is a well-known TikTok celebrity under the username @zoii_hashmi_official.

She is noted for her brief lip sync videos, most of which feature songs by Saraiki, and she is originally from South Punjab.

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