Million Dollar Listing’s British cast members have moved on to other endeavours. 

James and David are two Brits who spent more than 20 years working for Bravo TV. The show’s two English actors, James and David, are AWOL before the next season premieres on December 8.

From earlier seasons of the Bravo program, viewers were already familiar with Josh Flagg, Josh Altman, and Tracy Tutor; however, not all of their other favourite cast members were present.

Fans have written the on-screen couple a lot of letters. They have been raising the issue and pleading with them to come back all over the internet.

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What Happened To The Brits On Million Dollar Listing?

The British Million Dollar Listing team officially announced their departure from the competition in April. They had seen seven seasons of the program over the previous nine years.

Even though many of their admirers believed they were brothers, their closest buddies were from London. They responded to a casting call from MDLLA in 2012, and in Los Angeles they officially established their business.

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While they were on the show, their business grew, and revenues went from $1 million to $5 billion. They expressed their gratitude to NBC, the cast and crew, and the show’s followers in an Instagram post.

While watching them succeed professionally, fans got a peek into their personal lives. The audience witnessed James and Valeria’s life as parents and as a couple.

Sofia and Chloe, the show’s viewers, also grew older. Similar remarks might be made about David’s attempts to wed Adrian and start a family. They gave birth to a boy in May 2022 and a girl in 2018, according People.

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James and David: Why Did They Leave The Bravo Show?

Seventh season of The Bravo Show marked the debut of James and David. The males, both of whom are from England, have known one another since they were little.

During their tenure on the show, they made useful connections and sold a lot of homes in affluent Los Angeles communities including Beverly Hills, Bel Air, and Malibu.

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They closed deals totalling billions of dollars, becoming well-known in the real estate sector. Before season 14 of production began, they mutually announced their intention to leave the program on Instagram.

At the front, they said thanks to everyone who had helped them over the last nine years and thought back on their humble beginnings.

The duo made a commitment to collaborate once more but did not specify why they separated. Not every MDLLA member departed on their own. Fedrick Ecklund also declared his intention to leave the program in January.

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