What Happened To RZA Brother Divine, aka Mitchell Diggs? Find Mitchell Diggs’s Net Worth

If you’re wondering what happened to RZA’s brother Mitchell Diggs, you should know that he transitioned from being a criminal to becoming a wealthy businessman.

The year 1984 saw the debut of RZA, a well-known American rapper, filmmaker, actor, and record producer. RZA is well-known since he has created some significant music throughout this time.

Along with their two cousins, GZA and OI’ Dirty, they were the clan’s original members. The brothers struggled and faced many obstacles in their quest to become one of the most well-known hip-hop groups.

He has been actively involved in movies since the 1990s and is quite passionate about it; hence he is now not composing music.

RZA made his television debut in The Man With The Iron Fist. Since then, he has given the industry many other gems, such as Kill Bill: Volumes 1 and 2.

What Happened To RZA Brother Divine, aka Mitchell Diggs? Find Mitchell Diggs's Net Worth
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To learn more about RZA Brother Divine aka Mitchell Diggs’ whereabouts and net worth, continue reading the article below.

What Happened To RZA Brother Divine aka Mitchell Diggs?

RZA’s brother, Mitchell Diggs, went from being a felon to becoming a prosperous businessman.

Mitchell had already committed some evil deeds that led to him doing time in jail. But now that he’s recovered, he’s completely transformed into a much more knowledgeable person.

Mitchell is recognized as a record producer, businessman, casting director, and Wu-Tang Clan member.

He and his cousin’s brother Ol have been integral members of Wu-management Tang’s team since the 1990s. Since 1993, Mitchell has served as one of the owners and has been in charge of all Wu’s activities. His primary duty is to keep an eye on the financial growth of the Wu Music Group.

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Mitchell has significantly aided Wu Business in achieving its current status. He has devoted his career to improving the organization and popularizing it.

Mitchell Diggs Net Worth

Mitchell Diggs, the proprietor of The Wu-Tang Group, has a total net worth of $1.5 million.

He is one of the most significant individuals in the Wu Group because he owns the business and is its major stakeholder.

Mitchell has taken the lead in assisting the company’s growth along with his brothers RZA, GZA, 9th Prince, OL’, and others. As a result, the band is still active even though several of its members now perform as solo artists.

He has made many notable contributions to the company as CEO/Owner and helped increase the clan members’ productivity.

Mitchel collaborated with his younger brother RZA to boost his career to start a new movie endeavor.

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Although it was challenging for both brothers to enter the film industry, they succeeded by writing hip-hop-influenced music for Kill Bill Volumes I and II.

His accomplishments as a casting director and businessman have contributed to his estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

Who Is Mitchell Diggs Of The Wu-Tang Gang?

Mitchell Diggs is the CEO of the Wu-Tang Gang, and he has a big job to do.

The Wu-Tang Clan or Gang, one of the most well-known hip-hop organizations in America, manages several hip-hop artists and assists in their successful mobilization.

Mitchell Diggs is in charge of leading Wu-Tang as the clan’s owner. Thanks to his nurturing and shaping, the line is currently one of the best dominant groupings.

He has been successful in business and hopes to make the Wu-clan much more significant over the coming years.

Only Mitchell’s vision and leadership skills have allowed the Wu-Tang Clan to attain this degree of success and renown in hip-hop.

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