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In his lifetime, Leonardo Del Vecchio had three marriages. He wed Luciana Nervo as his first wife, and Nicoletta Zampillo twice as his second!

Leonardo Del Vecchio, an Italian industrialist and the creator of Luxottica, just passed away. A small Italian daily named Corriere Della Sera revealed his departure.

Vecchio is regarded as a key figure in the fashion sector. The largest manufacturer and retailer of sunglasses in the world, Luxottica has divisions for Oakley and Ray-Ban.

What Happened To Luciana Nervo?

Early in the 1990s, Luciana Nervo and the late Leonardo Del Vecchio split up.

Leoardo Del Vecchio’s first Moglie, which is Italian for wife, was Luciana Nervo. Despite the fact that she is less well-known than Vecchio’s second and third wives, insiders regard Nervo as a career stepping stone for the tycoon.

Sometime in the 1950s, the ex-couple exchanged vows. Even three children were born to Vecchio and Luciana Nervo jointly. However, something didn’t work out between the two, and in the 1990s they obtained a legal divorce.

Nervo disappeared overnight after her divorce. She didn’t participate in any spotlight events or maintain a public presence.

Ever since Vecchio, who died at the age of 87, passed away, Nervo has remained silent. Nevertheless, she is anticipated to attend Leonardo’s funeral.

Luciana Nervo Familia Details

Three children were born into the family of Luciana Nervo and Leonardo Del Vecchio during their union. They all adopted their father’s last name.

On February 26, 1957, the former couple gave birth to their first child. He went by Claudio Del Vecchio’s name. The family’s second child, Marisa Del Vecchio, was born just over a year later.

They did not have their third kid for over three years, though. Paula Del Vecchio, their youngest child, was born in 1961.

Their oldest child, Claudio, is now carrying on his father’s legacy. He runs the Brooks Brothers Group as its CEO and is a businessman. He is married, and he and his wife Laura have three kids together.

Even Marisa and Paula, who own 16.38 percent of the Luxottica group’s shares apiece, are businesswomen in addition to Claudio.

Luciana Nervo Net Worth From His Career

The net worth of Luciana Nervo’s ex-husband is estimated to be about $24 billion USD. With names on Forbes’ list of the world’s billionaires, Vecchio and his family are among the wealthiest people on the planet.

Luciana, on the other hand, keeps her personal affairs private. However, we do know that she received a large quantity of money following her divorce from Vecchio.

The brief lines of Vecchio’s Wiki biography are the sole biography on Luciana Nervo that is currently available. She continues to be reticent other than this.

Like Vecchio, we don’t know if she married again following her divorce. She might have left behind everything and started over with a new family. The family might, however, get back together to honor the businessman.

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