Gemma Owen

Michael Owen’s daughter Gemma Owen will make her television debut in Love Island 2022. Sadly, her debut has only brought her negative feedback and a poor reputation.

People on Twitter have already speculated on whether the football player’s kid has undergone cosmetic procedures, utilized braces, or had her teeth whitened to be more attractive. We are here to refute those rumors as a result.

What Happened To Love Island Gemma Owen’s Teeth?

Unquestionably lovely and talented, Gemma Owens is a young lady. Some of her supporters think she had specific surgery, while others think she had her teeth changed.

Despite her attractive grin, her fans can’t help but notice her teeth. Despite the fact that she hasn’t acknowledged getting anything done to her teeth, several professionals believe she might have received dental implants.

After she made an appearance on Love Island 2022, fans began to speculate about Gemma Owen’s teeth. The famous person’s fans believe that despite her youth (19), she has professional experience.

Gemma Owen

Although Gemma hasn’t acknowledged whether or not she’s done her teeth, it appears that this is the prevailing consensus on the internet. Fans of the actress, who is just 19 years old, believe that she has had cosmetic surgery.

There is a considerable fan base for the online sensation, and admirers praise her attractiveness and boldness. She also represents Great Britain in international dressage contests, according to her Instagram bio.

Owen has had a significant impact on the Love Island cast as well. Everyone was startled and stunned to learn of the family background of Owen’s father, Michael, a former World Cup champion and professional athlete.

Has Gemma Owen Used Braces: Her Teeth Whitened?

Whether or not Gemma Owen has whitened her teeth or worn braces is unknown. She has stunning, very white teeth that appear to have undergone a recent surgery.

Most famous people opt for veneers or frequent teeth-whitening operations. Gemma also takes great care of her teeth, visiting the dentist each month to get her teeth checked to see whether they are in good shape.

Due to her flawless teeth, it is assumed that Owen received braces when she was a little child. Malocclusion, or the misalignment of the jaw and teeth, is a condition that is treated using dental braces.

People are talking about her attempts to accept that she is Michael Owens’ daughter, as well as the myth around her braces and teeth whitening. Gemma is the youngest of the four children born to Michael Owen and Louise Bonsall.

She is primarily known for being the daughter of Michael, the former top player in the world, despite her celebrity and professional achievements. However, it appears that the Islanders were not aware of her.

Before and After Teeth Whitened Photos Of Gemma Owens 

After examining Gemma Owen’s before and after photos, fans came to the conclusion that she had altered her teeth. However, she has never acknowledged undergoing the operation herself.

She first shared a photo on Instagram in 2008, showcasing her remarkable attractiveness and attractive facial characteristics. As everyone has mentioned, she has either had surgery before or God has blessed her with such extraordinary beauty.

The size of her lips and nose can be slightly altered with modern makeup, but we cannot immediately attribute the change to surgery. Geema has always been wonderful as well. Her enthusiasm for wearing cosmetics and getting ready hasn’t diminished over time.

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