What Happened To Hurricane Dave Thompson On Bering Sea Gold?

After the second episode, Dave Thompson left Bering Sea Gold because he had lost his cool. The show no longer features Dave.

For a brief period, the reality TV driver made his series debut. The driver has lived aboard his sponge diving boat for the past nine years. While he wasn’t on the show, he worked alone for six years.

What Happened To Hurricane Dave Thompson On Bering Sea Gold?
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Hurricane Dave Thompson: What Happened To Him On Bering Sea Gold?

When the Bering Sea Gold captain could not provide the necessary diving equipment, Dave Thompson freaked out. Finally, Dave started shouting as he stepped alongside the road.

In his first appearance on the program, he described his service and prepared to provide visual evidence of it. He was asked to visit tomorrow at 8:00 am by Vernon Adkison. He requested permission to examine a crew member’s weight belt on his first day.

Even at the last minute, they realized they were missing some essential items. A diving team needs a weight belt to prevent them from floating back to the surface. They believed they had made a new error.

The commercial ship pilot requested Dave to unwind while they fixed the gear together. The pilot wasn’t sure if Dave was reversing or was losing it.

He initially did nothing but stand at the end of the pier and mutter to himself. The driver screamed obscenities at the ground and then chose to walk home. Then, out of nowhere, he suddenly roared at a tractor like a lunatic.

Is Diver Dave Still On The Show?

On the first day, Dave left the program. When they didn’t have a weight belt, and he got out of the boat, he panicked. He then withdrew and walked away, calling these folks idiots. He shared being filmed going back to Vernon’s ship in 2021.

The driver announced that he had completed the Nome, Alaska, Gold Rush and was now returned. In the end, he said, this became a learning vacation and led to him appearing in another edition of the program.

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Captain Vernon told the program about his return. They, therefore, recorded their reunion and departed the pier the same day.

Dave noted that the episode that featured his departure was taped on September 14, 2021. He cautioned the cameraman Nate about the Spigot because it was emotional.

Additionally, Vernon offered him command of a 6″ and promised to put him on display if the captain made it happen.

He revealed in early January 2022 that the producer had requested permission to utilize his Facebook photos of sponges for the program, which was filmed on September 6. Finally, in episode 4 of season 15, “No Jane, No Gain,” the driver reappeared.

As A Driver, Dave Joined The Show

In episode 2 of Season 2, Dave made an impression as a driver on Bering Sea Gold. The former Merchant Marine described him as “the hurricane in a jar.”

They thought that if they could harness the diver’s energy, he might become a very aggressive driver.-

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