So, why did Tim Pool fire Adam Crigler, a former TeamcastIRL host? Adam gave his story of events on a live YouTube stream.

Adam Crigler is a burgeoning online celebrity, journalist, content producer, and YouTuber. He has a big following on Twitter and Instagram as of 2022.

In May 2020, he launched The Crigler Show on YouTube, and as of November 2022, it had 193k subscribers.

The conflict between Adam and Tim Pool has recently become the topic of conversation. Adam left Teamcastirl in August 2020 without giving any notice as to why he was going.

Tim Pool is a YouTuber, political commentator, and podcast host. After Adam went live on YouTube and detailed how he and Tim first met and his journey with Tim, there has been ongoing speculation up until now.

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What Happened Between Tim Pool And Adam Crigler?

Tim Pool and Adam Crigler used to be the best of friends. They started a program named TeamcastIRL in 2020, Adam was abruptly fired from that position.

He has millions of followers and is supported by his online fans. In a conversation with One American podcast host Chase Geiser, Adam talked about his connection with Tim and how things have evolved over time.

There has been ongoing drama on the internet ever since Adam came out to discuss Teamcastirl and Tim Pool’s story after keeping quiet for a year. He admitted that he never wanted to leave the show because Tim and Adam were getting positive comments from viewers and their videos were becoming very popular.

Over a year has passed since Tim and Adam last spoke. Their friendship has dissolved, Tim commented.

Adam Crigler of TeamcastIRL: Who Is He?

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Adam Crigler is a content producer and YouTuber. His channel, The Crigler Show, had more over 193k subscribers as of November 2020. He regularly talks about politics and makes instructional films.

Adam also creates Adamcastirl and was a producer of Teamcastirl in the past. Furthermore, Crigler is the brainchild behind Coffee Crigler. If you want freshly roasted coffee beans, go to the Crigler Coffee website. The price of the coffee ranged from $12 to $15.

He struggled greatly after being fired by Teamcastirl. Despite the difficulties, he and his future wife supported one another, and as a result, Adam now owns his own home and a prosperous business.

He hasn’t said much about his ancestry, but he did acknowledge his interest in modelling after high school. He visited Paris and Milan, where he developed a liking for coffee.

Adam’s biography is not yet available online. On the other hand, visit his Twitter and Instagram accounts to learn more about him. Adam likes to explore and be outside, as can be seen from looking at his Instagram posts. He listed himself as a skater and musician in his IG bio.

Adam Crigler Discusses His Tim Pool Experience Honestly

On November 26, 2022, Adam posted a video to YouTube that finally addressed his termination from TeamcastIRL. Throughout his six-hour live stream, Adam talked a lot about Tim, his sister Laudia, and his brother.

After watching the video, his fans empathized with him and expressed respect for all that he had endured. He lacks any attitudes and has a plain nature. One of them mentioned in the discussion that Adam is sensitive and modest.

He has no personal vendetta against Tim or victim complex. He still misses Tim and still yearns to communicate with him in the future. Adam has accomplished a lot despite everything that has happened to him.

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