Since Swagkage rose to fame on YouTube, his face reveal has generated a lot of discussions. 

An anime expert on YouTube is named Swagkage. Famous anime filmmaker Swagkage is known for producing movies about popular anime, particularly the Dragon Ball and Naruto series.

He has created videos with lists, rumours, news, and analysis related to the aforementioned anime. He occasionally creates articles about other anime.

But his main focus is on the well-known shounen series from the 2000s. Since launching his channel on October 14, 2014, he has accumulated over 1.15 million subscribers, demonstrating his success.

Additionally, Roobindale, his second channel, has more than 57.4K subscribers. This YouTube channel mostly highlights the well-known anime and card game Yu-Gi-Oh!

On other social media sites, such as Twitter, where he has 78.7K followers, Swagkage has also found success.

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To Find Out What Does Swagkage Face Look Like Without An Avatar, continue reading the article.

What Does Swagkage Face Look Like Without An Avatar?

In his whole YouTube career, Swagkage has not performed a face reveal. Swagkage has made the decision to maintain his anonymity and is only recognized online by his online persona.

Many of the YouTuber’s fans can only speculate as to why he keeps his name a secret because he has never provided an explanation.

However, the YouTube videos produced by Swagkage regularly show people hiding their faces. The rationale for this is that one typically doesn’t need to display their face.

These kinds of films usually get popular on YouTube because the creator uses narration and includes pertinent images and videos. Additionally, they have a mascot or avatar that speaks in their place.

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Other anime YouTube channels include Sage Rain, which uses a Naruto character with a dark complexion, Not Mark, who uses Goku from Dragon Ball Z as his mascot, and The Masked Man, who uses a still from the Seinen manga Akumetsu to accomplish the same.

On this particular occasion, his mascot is decked up as Kakashi from Naruto, complete with the Sharingan and Rinnegan, two of Naruto’s eye skills.

Swagkage and the other Anime YouTubers, with the exception of Sage Rain, have only one thing in common: they all exposed their names after reaching a predetermined subscriber goal.

As an illustration, The Masked Man revealed his identity after reaching 100,000 subscribers. Many believed he would expose his face when he reached one million followers, but in the end, he changed his mind.

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Swagkage and SethTheProgrammer: What Happened Between Them? 

In 2019, Swagkage and SethTheProgrammer got into a fight that caused them to part ways. SethTheProgrammer creates anime-related videos, similar to Swagkage, with a focus on Naruto and Dragon Ball Z.

He only sets himself apart from other anime YouTubers by highlighting fictitious character flaws in his videos. These characters could be from the same franchise or from another.

For instance, it is shown whether the DC superhero Batman can solve a Kira case that even L was unable to solve in the most watched video on his channel.

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Due to the success of his formula, he currently has over 920K subscribers. Their issues were sparked by a video titled “Could Itachi beat the 5 Kage” that Swagkage posted on October 6, 2019.

In the video, he discussed the obstacles that Itachi, a well-known character from the Naruto series, faced in his attempt to eliminate every Kage, the franchise’s village head.

SethTheProgammer, an avid Itachi fan, protested to the video. When the two made fun of Swagkage for his video in a now-deleted video, he expressed his feelings to Webcamparrot.

SeththeProgammer continued to make fun of Swagkage, which led to Webcamparrot and Webcamparrot starting a new conversation. However, due to the ridiculous explanation for the conflict, many people thought that all three of them performed poorly.

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Exploring Swagkage Youtube

In January 2021, Swagkage became the first YouTube channel to have more than one million followers. His channel is constantly expanding, and he presently has 1.15 million subscribers.

On April 22, 2022, he achieved 1.15 million members, according to Social Blade, and has maintained that number ever since.

She has watched his videos more than 1.096 million times in the past 30 days, which shows that his channel views have also been continuously increasing. His channel has a B overall rating on the comparison site.

Given these figures, it is difficult to challenge his dominance of this particular web speciality. He is acknowledged as the most popular Naruto-based YouTube channel in the entire world.

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