WendyO aka Cryptowendyo TikTok: Find Her Bio, Wikipedia, Age, Husband And Net Worth
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WendyO, a crypto trader, educator, and the founder of CryptoWendyO Media in Los Angeles, has a net worth of $1 million. She became interested in cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies in November 2017. Find out more about her in this article.

It didn’t take her long to realize that blockchain technology would revolutionize finance and improve people’s lives. As a result, WendyO has decided to concentrate solely on bitcoin.

The Crypto Trader focuses on providing genuine marketing assistance to blockchain companies worldwide. In addition, she established a YouTube channel to disseminate information about blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Her channel had over 171k subscribers and over 11.8 million views as of September 2020. In addition, WendyO spoke with prominent industry figures such as Justin Sun and Timothy.

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WendyO Bio Details

Under the user name @cryptowendyo, WendyO may be found on Tiktok, where she posts instructional videos about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. She currently has 245.6k followers.

The Crypto Trader focuses on open marketing & media solutions for international crypto companies through her videos. In addition, WendyO informs citizens and lawmakers about the advantages of emerging industries.

Every month, Wendy shares information with more than 300 users from other nations, and she uses this knowledge to produce Tiktok content.

In just a few years, she has grown her network and team, becoming the most influential woman in the industry with millions of monthly views across numerous social media platforms.

WendyO Age Details Explored

Currently in her late 30s, Crypto WendyO. Her father passed away when she was only twelve, and she lived in extreme poverty.

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Her initial position was in the retail industry, but she later changed to work in healthcare to obtain a steady income.

For seven years, she coordinated patient-client care for infectious diseases, HIV/AIDS, and other conditions. At the time, she was attending community college to become a pharmacist and envisioned making six figures.

Who Is WendyO Husband?

WendyO has not yet made her husband’s name public on media websites. However, her social media shows he is between 30 and 40. They had a daughter soon after being married.

She admitted to the business of business that she likes taking her spouse out to dinner and spending the weekends with her family.

The cryptocurrency trader prefers to keep her romantic relationships private and does not want media attention directed at her family. Because of this, not a lot is known about him.

WendyO Net Worth In 2022

In2022, WendyO will have a total net worth of $1 million. She generates income via trading, investing, and consulting.

She disclosed that depending on the market, trading, and financial investments, her yearly income ranged from $5 to $6.

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WendyO states that if discussing a business or product, she always discloses any relevant financial relationships and doesn’t provide paid subscription services.

She is currently focusing on providing businesses with straightforward solutions through media, guidance, or connections to other professionals in the network.

Similar to other cryptocurrency traders, she is not a financial advisor. Therefore potential buyers should do their due diligence before making a purchase.

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