Wayne Couzens, a former law officer, is currently detained at the HM Prison house Frankland in County Durham. 

Formerly an officer with the Metropolitan Police Department, Couzens is now employed by an esteemed organization headquartered in Westminster responsible for providing security for the capital’s VIPs, embassies, and other notable structures.

The English woman, Sarah Everard, who was 33 years old, was kidnapped, sexually assaulted, and then murdered by the former police officer.

The terrible information was first reported in the media in March of 2021. Deal, Kent is home to Wayne and his Ukrainian wife Elena, who manages a laboratory. The couple has two children together and call Ukraine home.

Recent events surrounding Wayne have brought him to the media’s attention, as he is scheduled to appear in court on yet another case related to flashing violations.

Before Sarah Everard was murdered, Couzens had testified in court on four more counts of suspected disorderly conduct that were said to have occurred in Swanley, Kent, before the homicide.

Wayne Couzens
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To learn more about Wayne Couzens’s attack, jail sentence, and funeral of Sarah, continue reading the article below.

Wayne Couzens Psychology And Attack Details

After analyzing Wayne Couzen’s mental state, several qualified psychologists concluded about the “whys and hows” of his behavior.

On her channel, Dr. Jane McCartney, licensed to practice psychology in the United Kingdom, made assumptions about Wayne Couzens’ mental health. She asserted that those murdered in these circumstances had an addiction to watching violent erotic videos.

He exposed himself in the neighborhood where he resided and got away with it because of his reputation in the community as a family guy and a police officer. However, it’s possible that the pleasure he started to experience as a result of this prompted him to attack Sarah Everard.

It’s possible that this was the incident that sparked the beginning of his career as a serial killer and gave him his mentality. The former law enforcement officials carried out the murder as if it were a scenario from a psychological thriller about a crime.

Image Source: dailymail.co.uk

According to rumors, Wayne’s coworkers gave him the nickname “The Rapist” because he made women feel uncomfortable around him. In addition, he had a reputation for engaging in illegal drug usage, extreme adult filmmaking, and other deviant behaviors.

In June 2015, just a few days before Sarah was murdered, he was also charged with two counts of indecent exposure at McDonald’s. These charges were brought against him.

Lord Justice Fulford had stated that Couzens had engaged in “significant planning and premeditation” of the murder in the sentencing words of Wayne in 2021. The year 2021 was the year Wayne was sentenced.

Autopsy Report, Injuries, And Funeral Details Of Sarah Everard

According to the findings of the autopsy performed on Sarah Everard, she passed away as a result of pressure on the neck. The funeral service for Everard was completed on May 22 at the Heslington Church in the town of Heslington, which is located near York.

The post-mortem examination results at the William Harvey Hospital in Ashford were made public on June 1. Her body was found in a wooded region in Kent, almost 50 miles away from the location where Everard had been seen alive and well most recently.

A few days before he murdered Sarah, Wayne kidnapped her with the help of a car he rented. The offender took advantage of his position to coerce Ms. Everard into getting into his car, then drove her into the countryside, where he sexually assaulted her.

Image Source: bbc.com

Wayne burned Everard’s body inside a refrigerator after she had been raped and strangled, and then her remains were thrown into the pond. The dental records of Sarah allowed the police to positively identify the remnants of Sarah’s body that they discovered while scouring Hoad’s Wood.

The arrogance of the murderer does not stop there, however. Even his family accompanied him into the woods, where he burned his victim alive.

Wayne Couzens Prison And Jail Sentence

After the completion of his term of life in prison on September 30, 2021, Wayne Couzens was transferred to the HMP Frankland facility in County Durham.

The murderer, who was 49 years old at the time of the crime, was given a sentence of total life imprisonment in September of the previous year for the kidnapping, raping, and death of Ms. Everard in March of the last year.

He only just submitted a request to reduce his life sentence; however, he was unsuccessful. As a result, the verdict was handed down for the very first time in a case involving the solo murder of an adult that was not connected to a terrorist act.

Couzens was found unconscious in a cell at the Wandsworth police station, he attempted suicide while waiting for his trial. He was taken to the hospital immediately after the incident on his third day in prison.

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