Due to her resignation from CTV National News, Canadian television journalist Lisa LaFlamme is a popular topic of conversation.

David and Kathleen LaFlamme welcomed Lisa into the world on July 25, 1964, in Kitchener, Ontario. She attended and graduated from St. Mary’s High School in her hometown before going to the University of Ottawa to complete her studies.

LaFlamme worked at CTV for more than three decades, from 1988 to 2022, from the time she graduated from college until her recent termination. LaFlamme began her work at the Kitchener-based CTV station CKCO as a script assistant and copywriter.

LaFlamme has since conducted numerous primary interviews with prominent national and international political personalities and reported on countless crucial global events, becoming a mainstay in Canadian journalism.

She was a familiar face in many Canadian homes, and many generations of kids grew up watching her on television. She was also a mainstay of Canadian news.

The fact that CTV abruptly terminated her disgusts many people because of her notoriety and significance to Canadian society.

Bell Media, the company that controls CTV, is being shamed and made fun of by the followers and coworkers of Canadian journalists all over the internet for how they treated one of their most well-liked journalists.

Was Lisa LaFlamme Fired From CTV News, Or She Left? Lisa LaFlamme New Job And Net Worth Update
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Was Lisa LaFlamme Fired From CTV News, Or She Left?

Yes, Lisa LaFlamme tweeted her resignation, explaining that Bell Media had decided to fire her for financial reasons.

The company that owns CTV, Bell Media, announced that LaFlamme would be replaced with National Affairs Correspondent Omar Sachedina due to her viewers’ shifting viewing preferences.

LaFlamme explained the news in a video she released on Twitter, claiming that Bell Media had informed her of it in late July but asked her to keep it quiet until they had worked out the specifics of how she would be fired. LaFlamme added that the news caught her off guard, leaving her unsure how to respond.

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Once the news was announced, people immediately expressed their disgust at Bell Media, accusing it of ageism and misogyny. These accusations are highly pertinent given that LaFlamme was fired shortly after winning Best National News Anchor at the Canadian Screen Awards.

The male anchors who have quit their employment in the last ten years have done so voluntarily. For instance, Lisa took over for Llyod Robertson, a CTV anchor who retired at 77 in 2011.

At age 69, Peter Mansbridge abruptly ended his career as a CBC anchor in 2017. But in addition to abruptly ending her contract at age 58, Lisa LaFlamme has been replaced by a 39-year-old guy.

The sexism allegations on Twitter intensify as more users point out the errors in Bell Media’s judgment.

Lisa LaFlamme New Job Details

Lisa LaFlamme has not yet begun new work because she was only recently sacked.

LaFlamme described her termination in a video that showed her surprise and subdued rage. After more than 35 years of service with CTV, an abrupt and callous firing would enrage anyone.

And Lisa LaFlamme is the reporter who has received numerous RTDNA honours, a Galaxi Award, and five nominations for Gemini Awards in Best News Anchor.

Lisa LaFlamme has not yet begun working at a new position because she was only recently sacked.

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LaFlamme’s surprise and subdued rage were evident in the video she shared, where she described her termination. Being fired quickly and disrespectfully after more than 35 years of service to CTV would infuriate anyone.

Of all people, the reporter with five Gemini Award nominations for Best News Anchor, numerous RTDNA accolades, and a Galaxi Award is Lisa LaFlamme.

To elaborate on the last statement, LaFlamme frequently serves as a volunteer for Journalists for Human Rights, going there to guide and train young journalists.

She supports children’s rights advocacy and works with Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan as a volunteer. Lisa LaFlamme Bell Media fired because of shifting viewing preferences.

Lisa LaFlamme’s Net Worth Explored

As of 2022, Canadian journalist Lisa LaFlamme is thought to be worth $4 million.

Before being fired, LaFlamme earned $350,000 annually. LaFlamme has seen great success throughout her 35-year career, and her wealth and prior pay attest to her stature.

LaFlamme will be missed at CTV, and one can only hope that she will find a better position at a better company that will value not only her more but also her legacy in Canadian media and the influence her lengthy career has had on the country as a whole.

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