Was JayDaYoungan Shot Dead? Louisiana Rapper Death News Hoax Wife And Net Worth In 2022

Despite being shot, Louisianan rapper JayDaYoungan lived. However, numerous stories of his death are on the internet this morning.

Rumor has it that JayDaYoungan, Javorius Tykeis Scott, 24, and his father both died from multiple gunshot wounds. So this morning’s news item’s main subject of conversation was his passing.

No official confirmation, though, has been given. His sister vehemently denied the rumor and asserted that he was still alive. So let’s investigate what occurred.

Was JayDaYoungan Shot Dead? Louisiana Rapper Death News Hoax

According to OpoyiBUzz, the Louisiana-born rapper JayDaYoungan has passed away.

According to the entertainment website MyMixTapez, he was shot multiple times. RapTV, another good media platform, revealed the rumor about JayDaYoungan and his father in their hometown.

According to the media, the rapper was helicoptered to the hospital. The news of his passing was still difficult for his fans to comprehend. They hoped he would live.

Scott’s sister, Kenya Janell, insisted that he was still alive and not deceased. She was wrathful at their social media post about Scott’s alleged demise.

JayDaYoungan Wife Or Girlfriend

Even though JayDaYoungan wasn’t married, he had a son with his girlfriend.

He hasn’t yet made the wedding ceremony public. JayDaYoungan, Jr. was born to her, so his girlfriend is his half-wife legally. The rapper has many connections with different models and his on-screen friends.

According to Aceshowbiz, he and his fiancĂ©e CaRena V were devastated when they lost their child. As a result, father’s Day for him and his spouse was incredibly upsetting. In addition, she published a depressing story about her stillborn child on June 19, Father’s Day.

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CaRena V Opens Up About Her Heartbreak After Suffering A Miscarriage

She posted a photo of her young child, Amazi Breeze, on Instagram. Unfortunately, the baby couldn’t have lasted much longer. Jordan B, JayDaYoungan’s ex-girlfriend and the mother of the child, appeared to be relishing her miscarriage as others offered their condolences to the couple.

The rapper is now a father to his son, a blessing. He routinely updates his verified Instagram account @jaydayoungan with pictures and videos of his youngster.

On June 20, 2020, he first made the child’s image public. The child, who matched the rapper’s costume with a blue shirt and hat, looked gorgeous.

JayDaYoungan Net Worth In 2022

The estimated net worth of the American rapper JayDaYoungan is $1.2 million.

It makes sense that he is a billionaire because he is the young rapper that wins millions of fans’ hearts with his rapping abilities.

The rapper rose to fame thanks to the hits Opps and 23 Island Elimination. These songs had received 49,27 and 26 million SoundCloud streams by November 2020, respectively.

It has only been a few years since the young rapper found mainstream success. Therefore, his net worth will likely increase significantly as a result. Expanded revenue results from the sale of records, merchandising, streaming royalties, and tours.

Additionally, he put in long hours in Los Angeles, California. As a result, he is sponsored by numerous companies and brands.

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