Was Duke Dennis Arrested? His Charges, Allegations, And Criminal Record

Duke Dennis was taken into custody in 2021 due to several criminal allegations made against him by the Greenville Police Department.

Duke is a well-known American creator, Twitch streamer, and YouTuber. He is well known for his basketball-themed video game compositions for NBA 2K.

The NBA video gamer Duke has been a major topic on the internet due to a rumor that he was being detained.

When a picture of his arrest circulated on social media, the suspicions began to grow. Duke has discussed being imprisoned on his Twitch streams while adamantly claiming his innocence.

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Was Duke Dennis Arrested?

Due to allegations of domestic violence, Duke Dennis was detained and charged with assault in the first degree. He was afterward accused of sexual misbehavior and domestic abuse.

The YouTube video’s creator defended his actions by claiming that not all imprisoned people are guilty.

Duke was arrested and then brought into custody. However, he is not currently detained. He’s back and even streaming live on Twitch.


The NBA 2K gamer discussed his arrest on Twitch after being fired. He adamantly maintained that the allegations were false and that he was never at fault.

Before joining the Greenville Police Department, he had a few arrests in his life.

He was charged with first-degree assault for the domestic abuse that led to his initial arrest. He was afterward accused of sexual misbehavior and domestic abuse.

Duke Dennis Charges Allegations And Criminal Record

Three crimes against Duke Dennis were alleged. In the first event, a young child was sexually assaulted, and in the second, domestic abuse occurred.

Duke has argued that he is not to fault for the incidents because he was only a high school student.

The third charge, which has not yet been named, appears to relate to the armed forces. Before deciding to focus solely on streaming, Dennis served in the US Army.

He allegedly participated in a shooting involving his cousin while he was in the military, according to his most recent Twitch shows.

Duke has been taken into custody twice in his lifetime, according to the Greenville Police Department. He was arrested twice: once for assault in the first degree and once for inappropriate sexual behavior and domestic abuse.

Duke Dennis Net Worth In 2022

Duke Dennis’ estimated net worth range is $1 million to $5 million.

He has a big fan base on YouTube because of his fantastic material and enthusiasm for the game. He has benefited financially and professionally from his job as a YouTuber.

In addition, blazoners who pay for advertisements to appear in his films compensate him. His YouTube channel has more than 1.35 million subscribers.

Because of his large subscription and follower base, he makes money through paid partnerships and sponsorships.

Find Duke Dennis On Instagram

Duke Dennis makes use of the @dukedennis Instagram account. He has 14 posts on his verified Instagram account, which has 1.3 million followers.

On his Instagram page, he has only posted a selfie. 2017 saw Dennis start importing NBA 2K movies for Twitch and YouTube.

He frequently publishes commentary videos as well. He joined the group as a twitcher in 2013. Initiating with the creation of a YouTube channel, he started releasing clips from several made-up basketball video games.

Duke is active on Twitter with the username @ImDukeDennis. His verified Twitter account is active, with 330.1k followers.

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