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Hayes and his significant other Rainey mourned the loss of their baby, Oakleigh Klover. Find out more about her death below.

Following the devastating news that Oakley had died, his significant other was rushed to undergo a surgical surgery and was fighting for her life.

Walker is a family man who is now married to Rainey and has six children with her. He has always remembered and respected his dead girl’s name, Oakleigh Hayes.

About Walker Hayes Baby Demise

Oakleigh Klover, Walker Hayes’ daughter, died on June 6, 2018, from a rare uterine blood cluster that strangled her.

Walker Hayes strolls down the halting walk with his children. A blood bond saved Rainey’s life, but Hayes was still locked in a frightening world.

He was the one who needed to inform his significant other that their child was safeguarded by supernatural entities rather than his own hands, and he recognized that doing so would only crush Rainey.

What Was Oakleigh Klover Death Cause?

On June 6, 2022, Walker Hayes’ daughter, Oakleigh Klover would have turned four years old.

The beautiful family needed to say their goodbyes to their baby after a botched cesarean birth resulted in blood coagulation, which strangled the youngster during the delivery.

Walker and his girlfriend Laney spend some time massaging Oakleigh’s group, and Walker etched a tattoo of her small feet to honor their girl. He really says he has six children on Earth and one in paradise, all of whom are safe in God’s hands.

Walker Hayes was 38 years old and his better half, Laney, was 39 years old when they had to deal with the heartbreaking death of their child, Oakleigh Klover, on June 6, 2018. This happened after an unusual uterine rupture that cut off the child’s blood supply and rendered it unconscious.

Even after the longest cautious period connected with substantial blood bonding and chores, Hayes is grateful that she still has Rainey. Their fourteenth wedding anniversary occurred only a few months after the death of their child Oakleigh.

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