Violet SinClair
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American actress and online gaming personality Violet SinClair is the professional spouse of Brody Wellmaker. She began acting in numerous plays when she was just 3 years old.

In order to utilize her wide range of talents, Violet prefers to play darker characters who are more like herself and adores playing her opposites, such as the cruel girl.

Brody Wellmaker, her business partner, is an American actor, singer, model, TikTok star, and content creator who is well-known for his amusing TikTok replies. His Twitter handle is @brodywellmaker.

Who Is Violet SinClair? Her Wikipedia Bio

Violet SinClair, Brody Wellmaker’s professional spouse, is a gifted actress and well-known online gamer. On Twitch, she primarily streams League of Legends and Valorant.

Wikipedia and other major media websites have not yet included Sinclair. She was born in India and spent six years there. Violet went to school in the American Embassy.

Violet SinClair
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She began to play little parts in various plays, which sparked a passion for acting. Violet afterwards relocated to the United States, where she continued her education in engineering.

Violet, however, decided to forgo her engineering studies in favor of attending full-time acting classes in Chicago. Violet finished her acting classes, although she didn’t initially secure any roles.

In the 2018 season of Homicide Hunter, where she gave a standout performance, Sinclair was given a minor. Additionally, she played a supporting part in the 2019 short film Blood, Scotus.

After a three-year break from acting, Violet and her work spouse co-starred in the short film ADXM. Producers and directors gave the short film positive feedback.

Who Is Violet SinClair On TikTok? 

On TikTok, Violet SinClair can be found at @violet.stclair. She signed up for TikTok in March 2020 and has 468 followers right now.

Looking at her account, it appears that she doesn’t frequently post to TikTok and is rarely active there. Violet’s account only has seven uploads, but those seven have received 8166 views.

Violet SinClair
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However, Sinclair has millions of views on his account for a video he made with Brody Wellmaker. The popular TikToker is known by the handle @brodywellmaker.

How Old Is Violet SinClair? Her Age And Height

It appeared like Violet SinClair was in her mid-20s. Her exact age is currently unclear. She is 152 cm (5’4″) tall and weighs 51 kg (112lbs).

She enrolled in the American Embassy School when she was 4 years old. Her interest in performing grew when she began to appear in small plays.

Violet joined Truthful Acting after returning to the US, which helped her learn how to act in front of a camera. In her late 20s, she also enrolled in John Leve Dramatic Acting.

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