Battlebots engineer Victor Soto works for Stryker’s Robotic Systems division. Soto was a part of the squad that appeared in the robot fight show.

Soto was the head engineer of a facility in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Since he started making robots in college, he has been working with robotics for decades.

After starting as an assembly technician, he progressed through the ranks at Mako Surgical Corp, eventually becoming a mechanical designer, an engineer in charge of the company’s robotics systems, a mechanical engineer II, a senior mechanical engineer,

He joined Stryker as a senior staff system engineer in August 2016 in Miami. Five years later, in September 2021, he was hired as a principal engineer for a robotic system in Weston.

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Victor Soto From Battlebots

Battlebots’ Victor Soto guides the Rotator squad as team commander. Back in university, Soto began tinkering with robot construction.

The engineer gained prominence after appearing on the Discovery Channel show Battlebots as a member of Team Revolution. The engineer and the Mako team were invited to the exhibition by Battlebots in 2016.\

Since ABC season 2, the group has taken part in every season using their powerful robot Rotator. Sadly, they ended up coming in last.

Mark Palm, Jordan Sangerman, Goran Kadribasic, Tim Perez, Carl Gayle, Gary Nguyen, Dave Sinclair, Jennifer Fox, Shawn Kroll, and others are all part of the Revolution’s Team.

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After several years of competition, Soto and his team got funding and supplies for robot development. The engineer also had a breakout year in 2018, when they went to one elimination round and won numerous battles.

After that, they continued participating in the yearly competition while making significant changes. The group participated in the World Championship VII competition with its BattleBot Rotator and finished the season ranked #14 overall.

For this, Soto has fought bravely. Months pass while he toils away at two hefty machines until 10 p.m. every day, weekends included, and he caps off his labor on the final day by packing a 2,000-pound package.

5 Facts To Know About Victor Soto

  1. For his birthday in 2022, Soto received a pair of socks because his birthday is in January.
  2. According to the engineer’s social media profile, Bianca is a member of his Hispanic family.
  3. Soto graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in 2007 with a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering Robotics. After that, in 2015, he graduated from Florida International University with a master’s degree in the same area.
  4. Four years later, he started working for Mako Surgical Crop, where he amassed six years of job experience. He started working with Stryker after appearing on the TV show BattleBots. To compete in an elimination event, the engineer and his team built a remotely operated, armed, and armored Rotator.
  5. He has 1008 Instagram followers under the handle @victorrsotoc. The engineer discussed his progress in robotics and how he developed his own Bonzai tree TPU Megaman.

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