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Vbnd, a 23-year-old bassist from Canada, gained attention after indicating that new music is on the way.

Vbnd is a producer that is well-known for his Neo soul and funk sounds. Although his companion draws motivation from the loudness of their birthplace of Saskatoon, he disagrees with them, claiming that music is all around them.

He is, in fact, committed to Majestic Casual Records with the hopes of making a reputation for himself in the business.

In an article with sheaf, he stated that while the majority of his music is solo, he loves to collaborate with musicians from all walks of life.

His group, the Soulmate Collective, features Connor Newton on saxophone, Ayden Draude on keys, Stephen Fischer on guitar, and Jesse McMillan on drums.

Age23 years old
Net Wortharound $1 million

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Vbnd Age And Real Name

Vbnd, actual name Devon Gunn, is a 23-year-old Canadian guitarist and DJ.

His entry into the music industry is new since he started creating songs only seven years ago.

When questioned about the unique name, he was unable to respond since the world was calling to him, and he became enamored with its meaning.

He also mentioned that he performed as a DJ at a Soulmate club, and the phrase remained with him.

Vbnd’s Net Worth Revealed

Vbnd’s net worth is still being calculated as of 2022, but we anticipate it to be in the millions. He has a real account on Spotify and 263k monthly listeners.

Surprisingly, he is the creator and composer of the Soulmate Collective, in addition to being a bassist.

He’s new to the scene, yet he’s already released two full-length albums, Daughter of the Sun and Scum Funk, as well as three extended plays.

Katie Tupper is a local vocalist who provided her voice for his debut album since he wanted to work with a full band.

Is Vbnd In A Relationship?

Vbnd does not have a wife or a partner since he has never diverted his attention from his aims. 

He is a private guy at heart, as seen by his refusal to answer queries regarding his sexual relationships.

Vbnd may be found on Instagram under the name @vbndmoney, where he has a few thousand followers.

The musician is seldom gone from his studio as he seeks fresh melodies and rhythms to add to his project.

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