CEO of ROC equipment is Vanessa Lucido from “The Curse of Oak Island.” Marty and Rick Lagina dug the Hb borehole on Oak Island with the assistance of Vanessa Lucido.

She has extensive expertise in the construction business and is currently working as a Foundation Drilling and Safety Consultant.

She has experience in retail, claims processing, heavy machinery, project costing, consumer goods, and more.

Lucido is a skilled operations expert; he earned his Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Utah with a concentration in Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services.

She has expanded her thriving drilling business to include a flourishing toy business, which she is just as pleased with and seeing rapid expansion.

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About Vanessa Lucido From Curse Of Oak Island

Curse of Oak Island’s Vanessa Lucido is a successful entrepreneur. In the competition, Vanessa, a blonde girl who represents her employer, is the one to beat. As shown throughout the show, her charismatic nature draws in the audience.

The show, demonstrated for many seasons, follows an eclectic band of treasure hunters who scour the shores of Nova Scotia and Canada’s Oak Island in search of legendary gold.

An Oak Island Vanessa Lucido is aware of the difficulties she sometimes faces. Viewers may see her unhappiness with the program when she’s in charge of the drilling operation.

As one scenario unfolded, everyone was taken aback when the dirt removal equipment began sinking into the ground.

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After taking a closer look, Vanessa notified her brothers that the oscillator had to be turned off due to the sinking land.

Although the dig was given the green light to continue the night before, the sinkhole grew to six feet and then to eleven feet, making the earth too unstable to work on, so she knows how depressing things can get.

The results and accomplishments of ROC during the past decade are undeniable. Two years ago, the company’s machinery bore the most significant foundation shaft in the world in Hawaii. The business has developed innovative machinery that can be controlled from afar

Her Appearance On The Show Helped Her Company

The Roc Equipment Company, owned by Vanessa Irving, is a leader in foundation drilling tools. They have various flexible machinery that may be modified to meet individual requirements.

A woman named Vanessa Lucido Roc owns and runs this company. She is the exclusive distributor of BUMA foundation drilling equipment in North and South America and assists in Europe and Australia.

Her firm benefited from her presence on the show because she attracted new customers and began collaborating with a broader network of like-minded professionals.

Since she began her professional affiliation with BUMA CE, a renowned manufacturer and supplier of foundation equipment, when she was still in high school, she has taken the challenge and helped the firm grow.

Her upbringing centered on her father’s business. Their salespeople have an average of 30 years of expertise in the field.

They can help with the fundamentals of drilling and oscillating equipment, both technically and operationally, as well as with bids, project equipment planning, and finance.

Oak Island Drilling Firm strives to put itself in its clients’ shoes to determine how to serve them best. However, after seeing her father’s untimely death, she realized the need to be a smart, strong, and strategic leader for the company.

By adhering to this creed, Vanessa makes an effort to learn about her clients’ needs and monitors market trends. She credits being in the know with her company’s success.

Two of her brothers are also highly accomplished oil drillers. Her father was a fair and supportive provider who fostered each child’s passions. Vanessa is a mother to a little daughter and has an aunt who runs a blasting business.

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