Vanessa Feltz Leaving Radio 2: Where Is Vanessa Feltz Going Now? Her Partner And Net Worth In 2022
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Television host Vanessa Feltz recently stated that she would be leaving BBC Radio 2 in August.

Feltz is an English broadcaster and journalist. She has so far been on numerous programs during her career, including This Morning, The Big Breakfast, The Vanessa Show, and Vanessa.

She has had a significant impact on the television industry and captured the hearts of many. Many of her supporters, though, were horrified to learn of her departure.

Where Is Vanessa Feltz Going Now?

After approximately 20 years with Radio 2, Feltz revealed that she would permanently leave the station. Her supporters reacted to the news with mixed emotions.

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She said that she enjoyed every minute spent with Radio 2 very much. But now is the time to make up for the beauty sleep she has missed over the years. Even though Vanessa hasn’t yet revealed her destination, it is evident that she wants to pause for a while.

Feltz will host her farewell episode of the Early Breakfast show on Friday before quitting permanently. It is difficult to envision Radio 2 without Vanessa because she has been a part of the program for a long time.

Many followers expressed their sorrow on social media in response to Vanessa’s departure. However, her admirers continued to wish her well and supported her in the next phase of her life.

Vanessa Feltz Partner

Vanessa and Ben Ofoedu have been together for a sizable amount of time. Ofoedu proposed to her in December 2006. The two had intended to wed the following year but never followed through.

Today, they are still a couple. With her ex-husband, she has two daughters and three grandchildren. She is happy with her boyfriend, Ben, demonstrating that they do not need to get married to remain devoted to one another.

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Ben is a producer and an actor. He is also active in the music business and has worked on several important films, including The Attachment and Gulliver’s Travels.

Vanessa Feltz Net Worth

Vanessa’s current estimated net worth is 52 million dollars, according to The Sun. She mostly acquired her wealth while performing a radio gig at BBC Radio 2 and earning an annual wage.

As a broadcaster, she has had a rather successful career. Her alleged pay in 2018 was between £330,000 and £339,000. Her salary astonished a lot of her fans.

However, her fiancé stood by her and asserted that she was competent in her field. Her pay, though, was only raised to £50,000 last year. Over the course of her career, she has made a sizable sum of money.

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