UFC Fighter: Israel Adesanya Religion Ethnicity And Parents Detail

Israel Adesanya

Israel Kickboxer and professional mixed martial artist Mobolaji Odunayo Oluwafemi Temitayo Owolabi Adesanya is best known as Israel Adesanya. He formerly competed as a boxer, winning titles in numerous divisions.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship recently signed Adesanya (UFC). He recently won the Middleweight Championship of the UFC. He had previously sought the Glory Middleweight Championship belt in kickboxing.

On April 12, 2022, the competitor was ranked third among men in the UFC’s pound-for-pound rankings. One of the best strikers in mixed martial arts, according to reports, is him.

Israel Adesanya Religion

Israel Adesanya was raised in a Christian household, although according to sources, he is an atheist. He posted tweets on Christianity on his Twitter account as well.

However, according to sources, the warrior does not believe in God but values learning about other religions. He previously claimed that the only code of conduct he adheres to is his own. He is emotionally capable of appreciating art and many other things from many cultures, faiths, and social groups.


The shooter in the tragic Christchurch mosque shooting in 2019 was even questioned about his religious affiliation; in response, he claimed to have investigated other faiths purely for educational purposes.

Adesanya claimed that despite being raised in a Christian home, he had the notion to research other faiths and learn about them after seeing a fan’s Instagram post.

The combatant seems to learn more about Christianity despite not practicing any religion. In a 2018 argument with Marvin Vettori, he claimed that even though Jesus Christ was the greatest person ever, he was crucified. As a result, he welcomed criticism since it helped him improve.

Israel Adesanya Ethnicity

Israel Adesanya, a kickboxer, is of the Yoruba ethnic group, which has African ancestry. He is a New Zealand-based professional martial artist who was born in Nigeria.


On July 22, 1989, Israel Adesanya was born in a wealthy Lagos, Nigerian household. The 32-year-old has accomplished more in life than most people his age, making him a very successful person.

He has done so much for his nation of Nigerian New Zealanders to be proud of him as an athlete. He is fluent in many languages, including English, Nigerian Pidgin, Yoruba, and Nigerian.

Israel Adesanya Parents Detail

The 32-year-old fighter Israel Adesanya was conceived by his mother Taiwo Adesanya, a hospital nurse, and his father, Femi Adesanya, an accountant.

Israel Adesanya is the oldest of his parents’ four children. His siblings are Bolu, Deborah, Samuel, and David. He was raised in a wealthy home, which is one of his strengths. His family comes first in his priorities.

During his formative years, Adesanya spoke Yoruba; afterward, he spoke a combination of Niger and Combo.

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