Two recent headline-making events include YouTuber Twomad. In the first place, due to his most recent pictures with model Belle Delphine. His incredible weight reduction journey is the second factor that has him in the news.

Twomad is a well-known YouTuber with more than 2.3 million subscribers for those unfamiliar with him. The Canadian streamer is renowned for his comments, games, and sketches on his channel.

Weight Loss Journey Of Twomad

Twomad, alias Muudea Sedik, lost close to 17 kg. He weighed 80 kg and is currently 63 kg (138 lbs).

Because of his weight, the YouTuber was frequently made fun of. Most Internet people mocked him and created body memes using his features. The YouTube celebrity, however, had had enough and indeed decided to appear stunning by reducing some weight.

On September 25, 2019, Twitch personality Dimitri aka @GGXupdates, tweeted about motivating people to get in shape and reduce weight.

Twomad was one of the first people to respond after viewing the tweet. The YouTuber announced that he is now losing weight using his username @twomad.

Many Twitter users didn’t believe Twomad when he said he would lose weight and start to look better, but the Youtuber stuck to his guns. But the issue of his reducing strategies is still open. To learn more, keep reading.

Why Is Twomad Skinny?

Twomad’s drastic weight drop compared to prior years astounded fans. Why is he so slim, many have wondered?

Some people think Twomad may undergo a successful weight-loss procedure. IOn the other hand, some have begun to hypothesize that his weight reduction may have resulted from a tight exercise regimen and diet.

On the other hand, others could have believed that Twomad’s weight reduction resulted from using narcotics or prescription medicine. Unfortunately, the YouTuber has not provided information on his weightless process or workout.

The YouTuber wore a Donkey Kong outfit in his most recent popular video and images with Belle Delphine. Delphine eventually became visible, dripping from Twomad’s feet as well.

Twitter Users Reaction To Twomad Weight Loss

Different social media users have responded to Twomad’s weight reduction. Fans have started to take note of his figure even more with the publication of his most recent photos with Belle Delphine.

“Bro when did you get that slim you look horrible,” tweeted @bigblackhomo in response to Twomad.

He doesn’t look like twomad, too slim, and he has a tattoo, according to another user, @ayamjantan96.

Tweeted by @SeniorSmokey: “Homie transformed from an overweight meme lord to a lean legend who topped Delphine the belle. Having faith in twomad.”

Who Is Twomad Girlfriend?

Despite being a well-known figure, Twomad has not yet discussed his relationship with the public. He appears to be unmarried now and is spending time with his fans and family.

There is no proof that Twomad is in a relationship. However, he may be if he has kept it a secret from the public.

Find Twomad Net Worth

But as of right now, nothing is known about his love life. Popular YouTuber Twomad has a respectable net worth reaching $1 million. He is a well-known YouTuber in the USA who earns the most money from ads through Google Adsense.

Although YouTube does not let the creator’s payment information be made public, it is thought that he may be earning a very comfortable $200,000 each year.

Therefore, he is a wealthy YouTuber with a sizable net worth and revenue from his YouTube channels. Speaking about his actual name, the YouTuber has kept it a mystery, and it could take some time before it becomes public.

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