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The most recent video featuring Twomad and Belle Delphine is widely shared on social media. Twomad is allegedly seen dressing up in a Donkey Kong suit in the alleged clip, which has generated a lot of media interest.

For those who are unfamiliar, Belle delphine is a model and influencer who was born in South Africa. The majority of her stuff is spicy, and she frequently uses Onlyfans to amuse her followers.

On the other hand, Twomad aka Muudea Sedik, a Youtuber with around 2.3 million subscribers, has achieved success. The Canadiana streamer is well-known for his comments, games, and sketches on his channel.

Twomad Belle Delphine Video Viral

Social media users have voiced their displeasure with the most recent video from Twomad and Belle Delphine.

Some people firmly believe that the film’s presentation, particularly its harsh attitude, sends a negative message. They did not appreciate their attire. On the other hand, some people are also making light of the situation and criticizing it.

Twomad’s sacrifice of having to wear a Donkey Kong costume to enjoy with Belle Delphine will be honorably remembered for years to come, according to one Twitter user.

The YouTuber claims that Belle Delphine forced him to wear a Donkey Kong costume, making him smile despite his discomfort. Belle is seen approaching a hate crime, choking, and slapping this black YouTuber, which is even more terrible.

Twomad Belle Donkey Kong Suit

Twomad can be seen sporting a Donkey Kong outfit in the most recent Belle Delphine video. The outfit is inspired by the video game character “Donkey Kong,” an ape.

Delphine allegedly makes Twomad grin despite his suffering in the alleged clip. After a short while, Belle is seen entering a hate crime, choking the YouTube content creator, and striking him.

In another scene, Delphine can be seen licking Twomad’s feet as he is wearing a Buzz Lightyear costume.

On June 26, 2022, the contentious video was posted on Onlyfans and then shared on Twitter. Because of how intriguing people find their films, many internet users have thought about them.

Twomad Belle Had A Weight Loss

Over the years, Twomad, aka Muudea Sedik, shed close to 17 kg. He was 80 kg at the time and weighed about 63 kg (138 lbs).

Most likely, his tight diet was the cause of his surprising weight loss. However, the YouTuber hasn’t commented on it.

The fact that the YouTuber sensation is dating Belle Delphine has stunned a lot of Twitter users.

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