Trxce3 Face Reveal, Age, Real Name, Earnings And Net Worth

Trxce3, a TikToker and YouTuber who plays video games, just revealed his face.

He had intended for 1 million followers for the face reveal. Dream’s expression suggests that he is getting closer to his goal because, in just three days, his following has increased by 500k.

You may follow him on TikTok and YouTube, two platforms with great content and Minecraft videos. Traxce3 has also promised his Twitch viewers that he will post fresh content in the coming days.

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Details On Trxce3 Face Reveal Video

Trxce3 did, in fact, reveal his identity on his YouTube channel on October 10, 2022. The gaming YouTuber had promised his fans that he would reveal his face after he had amassed 1 million followers on TikTok.

Internet users are urging others to do the same after a well-known Twitch broadcaster, Dream, revealed his face after years of streaming.

In contrast to Dream, who disclosed himself voluntarily, he set a goal of one million followers. He claimed that it was up to his supporters to decide when to reveal his face.

While the majority of Dream’s fans were ecstatic to see him, some seized the opportunity to criticize his appearance. They made the hashtags “He’s Ugly” and “#PutTheMaskBackOn” trend after his tweet, along with other uplifting hashtags.

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Following such a reaction to a gamer’s lovely face in his TikTok videos, Trxce3 expressed concern. Trxce3 uploaded a picture of Dream when asked what would happen to him if he were to be deemed ugly.

He also discussed the demands his supporters were making of him and how quickly his fan base was growing. When he reached 1 million followers, as promised, he would expose his face; after three days, he had 500k.

Trxce3 declared in a TikTok video that he would show his face because he believed it to be the proper thing to do and that it was what everyone else on the platform was doing. He expressed his worry that his 1 million followers, who were more than Fiji, would see his face.

Face Reveal Video Of Trxce3

Trxce3 uploaded a face reveal video to his YouTube page, and it has already been seen 88,180 times.

Despite his youthful appearance, he stated in a comment pinned beneath the video that he was 17 years old. First, he thanked his viewers for the 1.1 million hits, saying that he had always aimed to reach that number since joining the channel in 2015.

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Without saying much, he led his followers to an unpleasant face reveal. He is a British man with short blonde hair and green eyes. Trxce3 didn’t have a beard yet. Thus he appeared much younger than his actual age.

At the conclusion of the video blog, he also posed an important query: “Am I attractive?” Many encouraging comments on the video are evidence of his fans’ faith in him.

What Is Trxce3 Age?

Twitch streamer Trxce3 is reportedly 17 years old. He appears to be a young man of about 14 based on his appearance, despite the fact that his deep voice confirms otherwise.

Even in his face reveal video, he warned viewers not to be fooled by their outward appearance. The majority of Twitch broadcasters today are young individuals, because of the platform’s popularity, especially among gamers.

Additionally, you might make money by streaming and playing video games. Video games and other forms of entertainment are very popular among young people.

Through its Twitch Affiliate program, the growing Twitch community enables streamers to make money off of their live broadcasts. However, Twitch is not accessible to teenagers under the age of 13.

Trxce3: What Is His Real Name?

Trxce3’s real name, which is either Trace or Trexy, has never been made public.

A lot of Twitch users pick a unique and memorable name for their gaming account. It might be to make it simpler for their supporters to remember them.

Earnings And Net Worth Of Trxce3

Trxce3, a well-known Twitch user, is estimated to be worth $5,000 as of 2022. Young streamer with 3.5k Twitch subscribers. He also has a TikTok account with the same name, and as of October 2022, he had 1.1 million followers there.

On Twitch, he is rarely active, but on TikTok, he is constantly posting Minecraft videos and responding to fan comments. He joined YouTube in December 2020 and has accrued 38.9k subscribers and 303,780 views since then.

His two primary sources of income are TikTok and YouTube. For every 1000 views on YouTube, the average user can make $5. According to this calculation, he has amassed $1518 from his typical 303,780 views.

Additionally, there are other ways to monetize TikTok, and those who are most successful typically have a wide range of extra revenue streams. On TikTok, the opportunities for sponsored content and organic marketing are virtually limitless.

One of the most well-known methods is the TikTok creator fund. Users with a significant fan base might wish to consider employing this tactic to generate income.

The amount of money that each user receives from the Creator Fund varies depending on their audience size, user engagement level, and frequency of posting. TikTok with one million followers might earn up to $5,000 per month, according to Capitalcounselor.

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