Trina Niece

On July 20, 2022, a teenager who was allegedly the rapper Trina’s niece was fatally shot.

In New York and Miami, a teen named Tony Chester was slain in a shooting. She was the famous rapper Trina’s niece. The shot girl was also referred to as Baby Suga.

According to TMZ claims, Tony was at the wrong place at the wrong time as she was visiting a Miami neighbourhood. “We humbly beg everyone to please respect Trina and her family members’ privacy at this tragic time,” a reporter for Trina told TMZ.

The precise reason for the shooting is still unknown. To determine whether the gunshot was random or targeted, an investigation is ongoing.

Trina, aka Katrina Laverne Taylor, is lamenting the untimely passing of her niece. Trina and Baby Suga appeared to be good friends.

Her passing sent the rapper on a flashback, as her mother passed away from cancer in 2019, and her brother passed away in 2013 after getting into a fight with a friend.

NY Miami Teenager Trina Niece Shot And Killed In Miami

In New York and Miami, a teen called Tony Chester, commonly known as Baby Suga, allegedly the rapper Trina’s niece, was shot and killed.

On July 20, 2022, at about 2:30 AM, Tony was shot and died. She was found at Northwest 13th Avenue and 62nd Street when the police were summoned. She was eventually revealed to be Trina’s niece by her family.

Toni’s boyfriend, who was also shot, was with her. According to policewoman Kenia Fallat, “When they arrived at the murder scene, the woman was already regarded as dead. She didn’t actually reside there.” We don’t know who the shooters’ actual objective was, but it was a massive spectacle, she continued.

Trina Niece Parents And Siblings

The parents and siblings of Trina’s niece are grieving an unimaginable loss after learning that their child had been shot and died.

Trina was born on December 3, 1978, to her family. Her mother, Vernessa Taylor, was a Bahamian, while her father is Dominican.

Bobby Lytes, a cast member of Love and Hip Hop Miami, expressed his sorrow at Toni’s passing on his Instagram stories “I am so sorry for what occurred to you. I’m still searching for the proper words.”

The artist frequently shares photos of herself with her niece on social media. Recently, they were seen posting a picture honouring Toni’s 16th birthday along with a comment; “Birthday greetings to @bigsuggg. I cherish you.” She went on to write, “Continue expanding and glowing. Your entire back and front belong to your aunt.”

It appears that Trina and Toni were good friends.

Where Is The Shooter Of Trina Niece Now?

According to the accounts, Trina’s buddy was with her boyfriend, who also received gunshot wounds. Fortunately, he was able to survive. However, the shooter’s identity has not yet been made public.

Tony was shot and killed outside of an apartment complex on July 20, according to CBS Miami and the Miami Police. She had allegedly just departed for a neighbouring corner store when she was found dead.

Two more individuals were hit by the gunshots. However, they were able to drive themselves to the closest hospital for urgent care.

According to the Miami Police, “We responded to the neighbourhood after a person was shot today at midnight.”

In a statement to E! News on July 10, police officer Kenia Fallat said, “Upon arrival, officers observed a girl with an apparent gunshot wound. The MFR staff reported that she had passed away.

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