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Learn why Trevor Reed was detained in Russia. He is a former US Marine who was found guilty of assaulting two Russian police officers and sentenced to nine years in prison in Russia in 2019.

The situation became even more difficult as word circulated that he had been treated inhumanely in jail. In 2021, he also went on a hunger strike to protest Russian authorities’ infringement of his human rights while detained.

Tensions between Ukraine and Russia have also escalated in recent days, compounding the problem. US President Joe Biden has assured Trevor’s family that their son will be secure.

Why Was Trevor Reed Detained?

Reed was arrested in Russia in 2016 while visiting his lover Lina Tsybulnik. Authorities in Moscow apprehended him when he exited a car while drunk on a busy highway.

On his route to the police station, Reed allegedly grabbed an officer’s arm, causing the police vehicle to swerve into another lane. Reed’s parents and attorneys deny the accusation.

Reed’s family had spent the previous two years preparing for his release. adBiden spoke with the family over the phone in March of last year, and at a meeting with Putin in June, he claimed he brought up Reed’s casea another former Marine, Paul Whelan, who is imprisoned in Russia.

Trevor Reed Bio Explored

Reed, a 30-year-old former US Marine, was detained in Moscow, Russia, in August 2019 while on a trip. According to a website set up by Reed’s family to plead for his release, Reed, who grew up in California, was a Texas resident at the time of his arrest. 

Reed had previously served as a member of the Marine Presidential Guard. He was in charge of protecting then-Vice President Joe Biden at Camp David during the Obama administration. Reed retired from the Marine Corps in 2016.

Reed enrolled in the University of North Texas after his service, where he took Russian language lessons.

Trevor Reed’s Freed News

Despite the deterioration in relations between the two countries, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine, the US and Russia agreed to a prisoner swap on Wednesday, and a former US Marine who spent nearly three years in Russian custody is returning home.e.

In exchange for Trevor Reed, who was serving a nine-year term in Russia, the US agreed to send a Russian drug trafficker serving a prison sentence in America home. US officials have been in contact with Reed’s parents since last year and have been working on his release.

Who Is Trevor Reed Girlfriend?

Lina Tsybulmik is Trevor Reed’s girlfriend. Aside from her name, there are no further details about her on the internet.

Mr. Reed to Russia in May 2019 to see his Russian girlfriend, whom he met through a dating agency, and to attend language classes.

Reed is the son of Texas residents Joe and Paula Reed. He has a sister named Taylor in his family.

Many people are asking if he has a wife, given that he allegedly traveled to Moscow to meet his sweetheart. On the other hand, his family has remained silent regarding his girlfriend’s personal life.

Arrest Story Of Trevor Reed

On Wednesday, the US and Russia announced a prisoner swap, with Trevor R.

He was guilty uopn accusations that his family claimed were false, suggesting an unexpected diplomatic breakthrough at one time when passions over the Ukraine conflict are at an all-time high.

Mr. Reed was caught in August 2019 and released in exchange for Konstantin Yaroshenko, a Russian pilot serving a lengthy sentence for cocaine trafficking in the United States.

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