Trevor Ariza’s Parents, Stepfather, Brothers, Wife, And Family Details

Kenny and Lolita Ariza, Trevor Ariza’s parents, have three boys. He has become well-known in the NBA and is the family’s second child.

Ariza, a professional basketball player from Hawaii who is 37 years old, most recently played for the Los Angeles Lakers of the NBA. He won an NBA championship in 2009, his first year playing for the Lakers.

One season before the New York Knicks selected him with the 43rd overall pick in the 2004 NBA Draft; he played collegiate basketball for the UCLA Bruins.

He has played for the Miami Heat, Phoenix Suns, Sacramento Kings, Portland Trail Blazers, New Orleans Hornets, Washington Wizards, Orlando Magic, Houston Rockets, and New Orleans Hornets.

Trevor Ariza has two children and has established his own family. Nevertheless, his marriage appears to be far from ideal despite having two children.

Trevor Ariza's Parents, Stepfather, Brothers, Wife, And Family Details
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Additionally, he has experienced family tragedy due to the tragic death of his brother. Learn about his family in detail from this article.

Who Are Trevor Ariza’s Parents?

On June 30, 1985, Lolita Ariza, Trevor’s mother, gave birth to him in Miami, Florida. She was his only caregiver while she subsequently wed Kenny.

His mother raised him there in Miami, where he was born. According to some reports, his stepfather, a former basketball player, was inspired by his father, McClary.

Now, his mother is working as a real estate agent. She is originally from the Turks & Caicos Islands. His parents are both of African American descent.

The Ariza family did not sense the lack of a father figure after Trevor’s biological father abandoned the family for an unspecified reason, thanks to his stepfather. His parents are still married and enjoy one other’s company.

ParentsKenny McClary and Lolita Ariza

Details On Trevor Ariza’s Stepfather

Trevor Ariza’s stepfather, Kenny McClary, played professionally for the Sydney Kings of the NBL. At 25, he made his NBL debut with the Sydney Kings. In his opening contest, he scored 29 points.

With the Sydney Kings for three seasons was Ken Mcclary. He totaled 22.3 points, 12.1 rebounds, and 2.1 assists throughout 70 NBL games.

McClary also played in matches for the USBL and CBA in Argentina, the Philippines, Brazil, Venezuela, Turkey, and the US. In 1985, he also won the NCAA Championship.

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In addition to 42 points, 24 rebounds, seven assists, five steals, four blocks, and seven turnovers, Ken had a career-high performance.

Ariza, a Los Angeles resident, and Westchester High School student, won California Mr. Basketball in 2003, the same year he enrolled at UCLA.

The New York Knicks chose Ariza as the 43rd overall choice in the 2004 NBA Draft. He has said that the fact that he and his father both like basketball has dramatically helped his career.

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Trevor Ariza’s Brother Details

Every NBA player has a distinct backstory. However, Ariza’s tale is regrettably more tragic than most.

In an interview with Michael Lee of The Washington Post, the former swingman for the Washington Wizards discussed his late brother Tajh’s impact on his NBA career.

When Tajh was five years old, he “died away” in Caracas, Venezuela, when Ariza was ten years old and his stepfather Kenny McClary was playing professional basketball after falling out of an open hotel window more than 30 stories high.

Even while Tajh’s death gave Ariza’s other brother, Kenny, nightmares, it also served as a launching pad for Ariza’s basketball career.

Kenny remarked, “He and I weren’t as close as they were. When we were kids and discussed our goals, my younger brother mentioned wanting to be an athlete. So, when he left, my brother felt the loss as though he were promising to live for everyone.

Success has been attained by Ariza almost two decades later. But he had to make some unexpected detours to get to where he is now.

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In the middle of the second round of the 2004 NBA Draft, the New York Knicks selected Ariza. Since then, he has played for several teams, including the Knicks, Wizards, Houston Rockets, Los Angeles Lakers, and New Orleans Hornets. He’s always continued for more than two full seasons at a time.

While in Los Angeles with his oldest son Tajh, Trevor Ariza was taken aback by a query that required an explanation and a response.

Why did you not tell me your name was Trevor? Six-year-old Tajh questioned his father. Ariza intended to tell his child the tale when Tajh finally understood the name’s importance and why it would always be an inspiration. Whether Ariza believed Tajh was ready or not, the opportunity had presented itself.

Ariza cried as he remembered, “I named you after a fantastic guy because,” he remarked. I told him the name I gave him was inspired by my brother, the best person I have ever met.

Who Is Trevor Ariza’s Wife?

In April 2018, Trevor Ariza wed Bree Anderson; at the time of their union, he was a player with the Houston Rockets. Before getting married, the pair dated for a while.

Bree Anderson Ariza, Trevor Ariza’s wife, reportedly filed divorce papers on Tuesday, citing “irreconcilable differences,” according to TMZ Sports.

According to the official court documents, Anderson asked for spousal support and shared legal and physical custody of the couple’s two children.

Despite this, she checked the box to grant the NBA player visitation access. Bree also left the filing blank on the separation date, leaving it as “TBD.”

Trevor Ariza’s Family

A judge in Los Angeles issued a temporary restraining order barring Trevor Ariza from seeing his 12-year-old son after the boy’s mother alleged that Ariza had physically abused him.

The Associated Press obtained court documents stating that Ariza vehemently denied the abuse allegations. Instead, he claims that his ex-girlfriend Lana Allen, the boy’s mother, has been working hard to sever their relationship and withdraw his visitation privileges.

In documents submitted on August 27, Allen asserts that on July 25, while paying Ariza a month-long visit at his home in the Los Angeles area, Ariza choked his child and punched him in the arm and shoulder.

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Ariza is accused of engaging in similar mistreatment during prior visits and disobeying a court order against applying physical punishment. During the stay, Allen contacted the police at Ariza’s home, but they could not find anything.

According to the complaint, Ariza’s actions were “inexcusable; a parent should never hit and choke their child for whatever reason.” Until a hearing on October 1, the restraining order is in force. It is also predicted that the boy will face a second custody trial.

The court filings also show a picture of a broken shoulder and the 12-year-declaration old’s that he is scared of his father and does not want to see him.

According to Ariza’s attorney, Allen, who moved with Ariza to North Carolina in 2018, asked for a restraining order, which she later renounced, to get the child back there. Ariza, however, asserts that the conduct violated their custody agreement.

The basketball player says that Allen has always tried to use the law to stop him from seeing his child, which is against the law.

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