Tracy Murphy Biography: Asha's Farm Sanctuary Owner Arrested For Larceny And Find Why She Refused To Return Cows To Rightful Owner

Tracy Murphy, the owner of Asha’s Farm Sanctuary, is accused of felony grand theft of the cow. 

Tuesday, July 25, “for a property retrieval of cows with the SPCA and the owner of the cows,” New York State Troopers travelled from Lockport to the Coomer Road animal sanctuary, according to a news release provided to them.

Tracy Murphy, the president and creator of Asha, allegedly refused to turn them over, which sparked demonstrations from both sides, according to police. Continue reading to learn the story’s full details.

Asha’s Farm Sanctuary Owner Tracy Murphy Biography

The organization’s founder and current president, Tracy Murphy, is a B.Sc. and M.Sc. graduate. Additionally, she oversees the Buffalo Vegan Society.


The Buffalo Vegan Society works to make the world a better place for everyone, animals, and the environment by raising awareness of farm animal exploitation and encouraging a vegan lifestyle.

A 27-acre property situated amidst orchards and vineyards is Asha’s retreat. It is the ideal time to start the magic when people first see farmed animals and realize how amiable, sensitive, and intelligent they are.

A mother cow, a blind cow, chickens, donkeys, turkeys, piglets, lambs, and entertaining steers are just a few of the barnyard animals who call that place home, along with Albert the Super Cow and his other animal companions.

To operate Sanctuary full-time, Tracy gave up her prominent position as an Assistant Vice President at the multinational corporation HSBC in 2014. She was, however, recently accused of stealing.

Asha’s Farm Sanctuary Owner Tracy Murphy Arrested For Larceny

Tracy Murphy, the proprietor of Asha’s Farm Sanctuary, was arrested on Tuesday for grand larceny in the third degree. The Sanctuary’s 59-year-old owner reported that two cows that had wandered into her property were stolen.

Agents of the New York State Police located both cows and returned them to the rightful owner. On July 25, Lockport police officers went to Murphy’s house to retrieve the cows.

The cows were later saved after the warrant for Murphy’s arrest was executed after she initially refused to return the cows. After processing at SP Lockport, the woman was returned to the Niagara County jail for her arraignment.

Why Did Tracy Murphy Refuse To Return Cows To Rightful Owner?

Asha attempted to keep two cows from a Newfane cattle farm, claiming they had come to her land on their own. Everyone felt terrible as the news went online since she had taken those poor calves away from their rightful owner and had refused to give them back when confronted.

The woman started the Sanctuary in memory of her late dog, Asha. According to her website, Tracy named her dog Asha because it means life and because the dog gave her life. Sadly, Asha, only 11 years old, died of cancer.

Following Asha’s death, Tracy looked for more meaning in her own life, according to Asha, who claims that witnessing Asha leave this world was the worst experience of her life. Later, she observed the brutal treatment of young animals when investigating auction houses.

She created Asha’s Farm Sanctuary at that time, sold her suburban house, and quit her job. Even though her story is so motivational, everyone was shocked by her most recent action. She tried to explain the situation by implying how she felt about the cows, but that didn’t absolve her from stealing them.

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