List of the Top 15 Richest F1 Drivers for 2023 Michael Schumacher 1. Eddie Jordan 2. Don Schumacher 3. Lewis Hamilton (4) 5. Others, including Fernando Alonso.

But getting a production that spends a billion dollars on the road is complex. The payment of drivers is one of the significant and necessary investments. The drivers risk everything for the love of the sport and the thrill.

They put in a lot of effort at their jobs and in their training. As a result, they should be compensated with additional money in their bank accounts.

Drivers in Formula One receive a handsome wage and enjoy the opulent lifestyle that goes along with the profession. There are numerous sponsors and companies prepared to spend billions of dollars merely to

Top 15 Richest F1 Drivers List in 2023
 F1 Drivers
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15 Richest F1 Drivers List Ranked Through Their Net Worth

NameNet Worth (in USD)
Lance Stroll50 million
Nico Rosberg50 million
Alain Prost100 million
Eddie Irvine120 million
Sebastian Vettel140 million
Jenson Button150 million
Jimmie Johnson120 million
Valentino Rossi120 million
Jeff Gordon200 million
Kimi Raikkonen250 million
Fernando Alonso240 million
Lewis Hamilton285 million
Don Schumacher300 million
Eddie Jordan600 million
Michael Schumacher780 million

The Net Worth Of Lance Stroll Is $50 Million

In 2023, Lance Stroll will be valued at $50 million. Stroll competed in his inaugural Formula One race for the Williams team in 2017. He joined the s team in Felipe Massa’s place. Before stepping up to Formula 1, he competed in Formula 3 racing in 2015.

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He had a difficult start to his Formula One career in his maiden season, retiring three times and three times finishing outside the points. Stroll achieved nothing particularly notable in his debut year with Racing Point.

Stroll got a less-than-stellar start in his racing exploits with the Silverstone outfit, but he used the team’s 2020 car to show his ability. Stroll joined Sebastian Vettel’s Aston Martin Formula One team in 2021. He makes $three million a year in income.

The Net Worth Of Nico Rosberg Is $50 Million.

Nico Rosberg will have a net worth of 50 million dollars in 2023. German racer Nico Rosberg, a former Formula One competitor, made his debut with the Williams team in 2006. He began working at Mercedes in 2009.

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Rosberg’s father is Keke Rosberg, a former world champion from Finland. He retired in 2016 after overcoming the dangerous Lewis Hamilton and winning the championship.

He has also consistently defeated Michael Schumacher during his career. Numerous businesses sponsor Rosberg, including Sky, RTL, Heineken, Mattel, UBS, and Boss.

The Net Worth Of Alain Prost Is $100 Million.

In 2023, Alain Prost will have a net worth of $100 million. Former French Formula One driver Prost declined the chance to make his F1 debut in the final race of the 1979 campaign despite being given the opportunity.

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He joined the Prost Racing team after quitting racing. However, he was never able to achieve anything with them. Following that, Prost joined Renault e.Dams Formula E team in 2013 and competed with them through 2017.

Renault hired him as a special consultant for the Renault Formula One Team. This racer has a net worth of $100 million, conservatively estimated.

He also won a prestigious charity race for $500,000 in 2005. Eddie Irvine’s net worth has increased to $120 million following his retirement. An ex-racing driver from the UK named Irvine debuted in Formula One in 1993.

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He has had a fruitful and successful career for the past nine years. In 1999, he won the Australian Grand Prix as well.

Even though he stopped working in 2002, he is still remembered by many people. In addition to being a successful real estate investor, he has made a name for himself in the British media.

The Net Worth of Sebastian Vettel Is $ 140 Million

Sebastian Vettel, who retired in 2022, has a 140 million dollar net worth. Sebastian Vettel is one of the most well-known names in the world of car racing. Four times, he has seized control of the Formula One World Championship.

In 2007, he participated in his only race while filling in for Robert Kubica. 2008 ended up being the year of his first success.

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In 2009, he changed teams and raced for the Red Bull Formula One team until the 2014 season was over. He then started working for Ferrari.

Alonso will rank among the wealthiest drivers by 2020 due to his hefty contract with Ferrari, which calls for an annual payout of $36.3 million plus bonuses.

His 140 million dollar career earnings were primarily attributed to his time with Red Bull and Ferrari. He also signed a contract to compete for Aston Martin in 2021.

The Net Worth Of Jenson Button Is $150 Million.

The total wealth of Jenson Button is $150 million. In 2009, he won the F1 championship.British racing driver Button, who has also participated in Formula One, is currently driving for Team Kunimitsu in the Japanese Super GT Series, where he won the title in 2018.

In 2009, he claimed victory in the Formula One World Championship as his own. He made his professional debut with the Williams team during the 2000 campaign. He then began working for Renault before switching over to British American Racing.

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A button placed third in the World Drivers Championship in 2004 behind the two Ferraris that finished ahead of him. Jenson’s first Formula One victory came at the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Jenson Button returned the Formula One racing circuit in 2017. He replaced Fernando Alonso in the Monaco Grand Prix, his first race after his comeback.

Among the vehicles in his collection are a 1956 Volkswagen Campervan, a Honda S600, a Mercedes C63 AMG, and a McLaren P1.

The Net Worth Of Jimmie Johnson Is $160 Million.

A NASCAR series legend, Jimmie Johnson has a 160 million dollar fortune. Jimmie Johnson, a professional stock car racer from the United States, has won seven races in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series.

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Johnson’s first series victory came in 2006, which. He then won numerous championships consecutively in 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010.

He was the first and only NASCAR driver in the sport’s history to achieve this result. He has received sponsorships worth a total of $10 million.

The Net Worth of Max Verstappen is $200 Million.

In 2023, Max Verstappen will have a net worth of $200 million. Currently, Max is among the best racers in the entire globe.

Verstappen, a Formula One driver from Belgium and the Netherlands, is one of the sport’s most exciting athletes. He is almost of the same calibre as Lewis Hamilton.

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Verstappen is breaking all sports records because of his exceptional driving skills. And as a result, he is currently accumulating all the wealth. His current wealth is estimated to be about $200 million.

On Forbes’ list of the highest-paid athletes, he is now ranked 26th. The youngest individual to be inducted into the Dutch 500 is the young superstar of Red Bull.

He owns an opulent private jet valued at 12 million British pounds. The plane is a Falcon-900EX with Honeywell engines with a maximum range of almost 9,500 kilometres.

Additionally, it has a high top speed of up to 552 mph. Max lives in a 13-million-pound luxury property in Monte Carlo.

The Net Worth of Jeff Gordon Is $200 Millon.

As a racer and gaming pundit, eff Gordon has a 200 million dollar net worth. Former Hendrick Motorsports and FOX NASCAR driver Gordon presently serves as a pundit for the former and holds an executive position with the latter company.

The only driver in the history of the sport to have won the Winston Cup, or Sprint Cup Series as it is currently known, four times is Jeff Gordon. Being 24 years old before the 1995 season was over, Gordon is the youngest driver to win a NASCAR title.

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He was admitted to the NASCAR Hall of Fame in 2019, which was the year. Additionally, ESPN named him ninth on their list of the 25 Greatest Drivers of All Time, and he was chosen as one of the 50 Greatest Drivers in NASCAR History.

According to Forbes, he ranks as the seventeenth highest-paid athlete in the history of the sport, with a career salary of $515 million.

The Net Worth Of Kimi Raikkonen Is Is$250 Million.

With his success in racing, Kimi Raikkonen now has a net worth of $250 million. Kimi left McLaren in 2021 as one of their top drivers.

The former Formula One driver from Finland, Raikkonen, has raced for several organizations, including Sauber, McLaren, and Ferrari.

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He narrowly defeated Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso by one point to win Formula One in 2007. He was working for Ferrari at the time. Raikkonen also holds the record for the most Formula One starts.

He is among the wealthiest racers, with a fortune estimated at $250 million. After he won the championship in 2007, he brought in a salary of roughly 50 million dollars per year.

The Net Worth Of Fernando Alonso Is $260 Million.

Fernando Alonso made a net worth of 260 million dollars. Carlos Sainz Jr. has improved, but Fernando remains the greatest Spanish racer in history.

In 2001, Alonso made his racing debut alongside Kimi Raikkonen. His first season was spent with Minardi, but he switched to Renault the following year.

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One of the very best drivers of his era, Fernando Alonso, is highly regarded. He left Renault at the end of his contract, spent a year at McLaren, and rejoined the company the following season.

He joined Ferrari in 2010 and stayed with the company until 2014. Alonso decided to give up racing in 2018. His retirement was halted, nevertheless.

In July 2020, Alonso said he would return to Renault. After spending two seasons with the Enstone club, Alonso has returned to the French team and will again play for them. McLaren compensated him for his final season there with an astounding sum of 33 million dollars.

The Net Worth Of Lewis Hamilton Is $285 Million.

Lewis Hamilton has a 285 million dollar net worth. He currently earns more than any other active racer in the world. One of the most well-known names in motorsport is British driver Sir Lewis Hamilton MBE, who competes in F1 racing.

He participates for the Mercedes AMG Petronas team in the 2018 Formula One season. He made his racing debut in 2007, the same year that Fernando Alonso did.

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Hamilton is the only driver to have twice won the Drivers’ World Championship in F1. With 75 wins under his belt, he is second all-time in Grand Prix triumphs.

His total net worth is estimated at approximately 285 million dollars when we include all he has. Lewis Hamilton signed a three-year, $120 million contract with the Mercedes Formula One team in 2015, which included a $31 million guaranteed yearly salary and the possibility of a bonus of up to $10 million.

Hamilton also ranked first on Forbes’ 2018 list of the wealthiest F1 drivers. The Pagani Zonda 760 LH, the 1966 Shelby Cobra 427, the Mercedes AMG SLS Black Series, and the McLaren P1 are just a few of the luxurious cars in his collection. He also owns a Bombardier Challenger 605 private plane.

The Net Worth Of Don Schumacher Is $300 Million.

Former racer Don Schumacher has a $300 million fortune. His work as the owner of a racing team was where he made the majority of his money.

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Schumacher made his debut in drag racing at the beginning of the 1960s, and he quickly became well-known in the discipline.

He spent eleven years in the drag racing industry. Currently, Schumacher represents Schumacher Electric in the media. This company is frequently rated as one of the best charger manufacturers in the world.

The Net Worth Of Eddie Jordan Is $600 Million.

Former Irish race car driver Eddie Jordan has more than a $600 million fortune. His Formula One racing career has been quite successful in terms of success and wealth. Jordan chose to cease racing, even though he enjoyed the rush immensely.

He was eager to undertake something that would enable him to oversee the racing careers of other athletes. He is the impetus behind numerous aspiring Grand Prix racers. Many accomplished racers, including Martin Brundle and Damon Hill, credit him for their successes.

Jordan founded his first team at the end of 1979 under the name Eddie Jordan Racing. This team featured drivers David Leslie and David Sears at worldwide competitions in 1981.

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In 1982, he had James Weaver as his primary driver. He hired Johnny Herbert the following year, in 1987. Johnny was then proclaimed the British Formula Three Championship winner. Eddie’s team reached its full potential in the latter years of the 2000s.

Eddie, however, was forced to sell his business in January 2005 due to monetary and legal troubles. Along with Jake Humphrey and David Coulthard, Eddie has established himself as one of the three main presenters for the BBC’s coverage of the Grand Prix since 2009.

Along with that, he is additionally engaged in numerous investment companies in addition to multiple investment companies in addition to various investment companies in addition to different investment companies in addition to other business ventures and other business ventures and other business ventures and other

The Net Worth Of Michael Schumacher Is $700 Million.

In 2023, Michael Schumacher will be the wealthiest racer, with a net worth of $700 million. Schumacher is regarded as one of the most well-known figures in the Formula One racing fraternity. The illustrious Formula One driver has won 91 races and seven World Championships.

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Throughout his career, the iconic German personality has garnered many accolades. Michael Schumacher was the delighted owner of most records before Lewis Hamilton, and Mercedes arrived.

He guided the Italian team to five consecutive Formula One World Championships at a time when Ferrari was invincible.

His name has consequently come to be associated with Ferrari. Michael Schumacher is now among the wealthiest Formula One driver in the world because of his long and prosperous racing career. His estimated net worth is an astounding 780 million dollars.

Michael Schumacher had a yearly salary of almost 30 million pounds after rejoining Formula One. He is among the highest-paid racers ever thanks to his career earnings of more than one billion dollars.

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