There are allegations that Tony Beets, one of the most well-known gold miners in Klondike, lost his license due to his involvement in the Gold Rush.

Many people are aware of him from the Discovery Channel’s Gold Rush series, in which he operates one of the biggest mining companies in the area.

Some say that the problem with the water permits is due to what one of the Beets crew members did. A few years back, one of Tony’s workers unintentionally started a fire by pouring gasoline into a pond used for dredging.

That license was sent late by the person who was supposed to send it in. Beets made his television debut in 2010 and has since been a regular cast member of Gold Rush. He has now appeared in more than 160 episodes of the program. In 2013, Beets also appeared in the documentary “Gold Fever.”

Tony Beets Losing His Water License, Wikipedia, Bio, Family Background, And Daughter Bianca Beets
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Tony Beets Losing His Water License Details

According to the new UNDRIP regulation in Canada, Indian tribes have the authority to stop miners from operating if they don’t offer “permission” and their approval, which they never do.

The reasons why Tony Beets lost his water permit during the Gold Rush have been extensively discussed on Reddit. To shut Tony and the TV shows down, the tribes presented fictitious excuses such as loud helicopters, insufficient salmon fisheries, and stolen land.

Many Canadian miners, like the Jade miners, now face the threat of having their businesses shut down by enraged Indian nations.

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Beets Water’s license was thus withdrawn, and the TV program is currently moving to Alaska.

Primarily Tony’s most recent correspondence with the company he hired to submit his permit applications suggested that more details would be supplied by the end of the summer.

According to the most recent inspection, they still hadn’t (last week or the week before). This suggests he won’t have a permit for the next year, either.

Since 2010, he has been a miner in the gold rush.

According to the Source, Tony Beets has been a regular participant in Gold Rush since his broadcast debut in 2010. He has now appeared in more than 160 episodes of the program.

Additionally, in 2013, Beets appeared in the film “Gold Fever.” But the fifth season of his primary show, when he paid $1 million to purchase the Viking Dredge in Clear Creek, brought him the most recognition.

Even though it was a risky move, because the Dutchman had experience in the field for some time, many people trusted his judgment.

Given this, it is evident that Beets has indeed profited dramatically from his performances. The salary for a single episode often ranges from $10,000 to $25,000. Tony is one of the highest-paid actors on the show, with a salary of $25,000.

Tonny Beets Wikipedia Bio

Viewers adore Tony Beets, one of the stars of Gold Rush, on The Discovery Channel. The bearded Canadian Dutchman is direct and driven to succeed.

The reality show follows several family-run mining businesses as they comb Canada’s Klondike region for gold. The play portrays the struggles faced by the companies as they work to achieve their goals and gather the most gold.

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They must deal with unfavorable weather, broken equipment, and egos. However, the outspoken Tony Beets is, without a doubt, the person who stands out the most. On December 15, 1959, Tony Beets was born in Wijdenes, Netherlands. He was raised on a farm and began milking cows as a young child.

In 1984, he and his wife relocated to Dawson’s Creek, Canada. Tony worked as a farmer, laborer, pipefitter for oil, and machine operator.

Real NameTony Beets
Birth DateDecember 15, 1959
Age62years as of 2022

He is the Tamarack Mine’s owner.

Beets started mining in the Yukon region after spending three years working in the construction sector. After years of labor, he finally found $4.39 million worth of gold in Eureka Creek in 2018.

The Tamarack Mine is now his to possess and manage. His company has a well-known reputation for hiring local children with what it takes to be excellent miners. Beets and his group put in 12 to 14 hours daily throughout the seven-month gold mining season.

Tony’s experience was crucial in the Gold Rush’s second season. He started by showing Todd Hoffman, an actor, how to drill test holes.

The Dutch-born Canadian miner runs the Tamarack Mine, one of the most significant mining operations in the Klondike, which is situated on the banks of the Yukon River.

He made a comeback in the fourth season as Parker Schnabel’s mentor after serving as Todd Hoffman’s counselor on Gold Rush in the second season. He has appeared in over 160 episodes of Gold Rush, Gold Rush: South America, Gold Rush: Pay Dirt, Gold Rush: White Water, Gold Rush: The Dirt, and a 2013 documentary miniseries Gold Fever.

He Was A Gold Miner All His Life

Tony Beets eventually developed an interest in gold mining. In Canada’s Yukon, he began as a gold miner and immediately became successful. He is the proprietor of Paradise Hills and the Tamarack Mine and is currently one of Canada’s largest gold miners.

One of the most successful mining operations in the Klondike is the Tamarack Mine. Tony Beets has been a consistent cast member of Gold Rush on The Discovery Channel since Season 2.

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Additionally, he owns and rents the Scribner Creek claim that appears in Gold Rush. Finally, the series follows his gold mining activities at Tamarack Mine and other sites.

Additionally, Tony leased the Scribner Creek claim to Parker Schnabel’s mining company in Season 4. Tony Beet debuted in Season 2 of Gold Rush in 2010. Tony’s first appearance saw him assisting the other cast members in their search for gold.

He explained to Todd Hoffman that digging test holes was key to successful mining. Many other drilling families look to Tony Beet for advice because he has been in the business for so long and is an efficient gold miner.

Tony Beets Family Details

Gold miner Tony Beets is most known for his performances in the Discovery channel reality series “Gold Rush: Alaska” (2011-2018), as well as its spin-offs “Gold Rush: South America” (2013) and “Gold Rush: The Dirt” (2013-2016).

On December 15, 1959, Tony Beets was born in Wijdenes, Netherlands. He is the owner of Tamarack Mine and Paradise Hills. He was raised in Burgwerd, a tiny village in the province of Friesland, where he was born to English parents.

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Tony’s father ran the family farm before a crippling incident rendered him unable to do his tasks. As a result, he had a natural leadership style from an early age, which he only refined and maintained as an adult.

When he was seven years old, his family relocated to Burgwerd. He worked milking cows on the farm where he was raised. Before relocating to Dawson City in 1984, he lived in this manner.

He relocated because the area offered him various job opportunities. From his humble beginnings as a machine operator, Tony has ascended to become one of Canada’s top gold miners.

WifeMinnie Beets
ParentsKlaus Beets, Magda Beets

Tony Beets Daughter Details

In 1991, Bianca Beets was born in Yukon, Canada. She is well-known on Canadian television and works as a miner.

She is also well known for being the daughter of Canadian gold prospector Tony Beets, who founded and now serves as chairman of “Tamarach Gold Mines.” He is the producer of Kolndike.

Bianca currently appears alongside her dad and brothers in the acclaimed “Gold Rush” series on the Discovery Channel.

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Tony and his wife Minnie have four daughters and three sons: Monica, Bianca, Michael, and Kevin. The Beets Crew member and mechanic Kevin was born in 1988.

At 26, while working at the Paradise Hill claim, he made his acting debut in season 5, dismantling the Beets bacon strip machine 1 at Clear Creek.

When Monica first appeared on television, she was just 10 or 11 years old; by 2022, she would be 29. Michael was born in 1990, as opposed to her sibling.

Michael, a supervisor at the Paradise Hill claim, spends his free time dressing up as historical figures. Tony’s daughter Bianca, who is claimed to be in her forties, is not a part of the gold scam.

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