Gorgeous Tommy Paul girlfriend Originally from Boston, Paige Lorenze now mainly works as an Instagram model. The two of them began dating in 2022.

On the 2023 Australian Open, Lorenze cheered for Tommy. Instagram star and businesswoman Dairy Boy owns her label.

A former ATP world No. 28 tennis pro, Paul is an accomplished athlete. The young tennis prodigy triumphed in the 2015 boys’ singles competition at the French Open.

In 2021, he reached his first ATP final when he defeated Denis Shapovalov, the defending champion. Tommy started the 2022 season well by placing sixth in Adelaide International and advancing to the quarterfinals.

In the second round of the 2022 Rolex Paris Masters, he defeated Rafael Nadal in his most significant career match.

Image Source: USOpen.org

Tommy’s Girlfriend, Paige Lorenze

Paige Lorenze, an Instagram model, is dating Tommy. Paige’s previous relationship with Tyler Cameron ended in a split before she started seeing Tommy.

On October 19, 2022, the pair made their relationship public for the first time on Instagram. At first, Paige posted a photo of herself and Tommy to Instagram.

They are highly encouraging of one another and have fun together. It was in 2023 that Paige decided to show her support for Tommy by going to the Australian Open.

She documented the game in an Instagram story and a short clip on her YouTube page. A year after Paul and Kiki Paso started dating, they celebrated their first anniversary in 2021.

Kiki is a social media influencer. The pair, however, broke up and went their ways. On top of that, they’ve deleted every photo of each other from their shared Instagram account.

Tommy Paul was asked if he was single after his separation from Kiki, but the musician had other plans.

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Paige has been married four times before. The Instagram celebrity and the Canadian NHL player Kasperi Kapanen started dating in 2019.

As of September 2020, she was seeing Hollywood actor Armie Hammer, after which her romance with the NHL player terminated. Paige’s four-month romance with an actor failed.

She met and fell in love with country music star Morgan Wallen as time passed. After a year together, Paige accused him of infidelity, and the relationship terminated.

Two previous romances ended in heartbreak before she started dating reality TV personality, Tyler Cameron. Lorenze and Tyler dated for about a month, but their tale went viral because they appeared so in love in images.

But Paige is presently dating tennis pro-Tommy. They have been spotted attending events together and sharing images of themselves on Instagram.

Know More About Paige Lorenze

Model, digital artist, health expert, and entrepreneur: that’s Paige Lorenze. She joined the world on January 26, 1998, in the great city of Boston, Massachusetts.

When Paige was younger, she attended Burke Mountain Academy to train for alpine ski racing. She eventually decided to pursue a degree in media and design, so she enrolled at Parsons.

Since then, she’s worked as a model and contributed to publications covering topics including style and dĂ©cor, as well as pop culture and the arts.

Skiing professionally has given Paige an appreciation for exotic locales and active vacations. In addition, she is a YouTuber who updates her YouTube account with vlogs documenting her daily life.

@paigelorenze is the verified handle of her Instagram account. She has 822 Instagram posts and 399,008 followers as of this writing.

How Has Paige’s Career Been?

Paige is a digital developer, guest editor, and wellness consultant if you believe her LinkedIn profile.

She’s been in the workforce for a very long time. From May 2019 until August 2019, she was an intern at Anti-Algorithm in the role of social manager.

Image Source: Life & Style

For a year, she was a lifestyle model for State management. For three years and four months, she was able to make a living as a digital content producer through sponsored relationships with brands and corporations via her Instagram account. Paige is a guest editor for 2PEONIES, a Canadian health and wellness firm.

Who Are Tommy Paul’s Parents?

It was Jill MacMillan and Kevin Paul who raised Tommy Paul. Tommy first picked up a tennis racquet at age seven.

His parents inspired him to pick up the sport at an early age. Since then, he’s developed a passion for tennis and established himself as a rising star.

When it comes to Paul’s personal life, his mother plays a pivotal role. On May 14, 2017, he used Instagram to send his mother a birthday greeting.

Jill Paul MacMillan remarried soon after her separation from Kevin Paul to become the mother of Steve MacMillan.

Where Does Jill MacMillan Work?

Jill MacMillan is a hardworking farmhand who tends to a herd of more than a hundred animals, chops down trees, and drives a tractor. When his kid made it as a professional tennis player, she uprooted her life and relocated to South Jersey.

Jil and Steve have two dogs, a hundred hens, six sheep, a horse, a cat, and a guinea pig on their farm in South Jersey.

Tommy reportedly told Atptour that he planned to assist out at home following Wimbledon. He’s always loved animals and new experiences. The Facebook handle where you may find Jill is @Jill Macmillan.

Inside Tommy Paul’s Family

Tommy grew up with his sibling, Paul’s siblings, Dylan and Jessie Lynn. On May 17, 1997, he entered the world in Voorhees Township, New Jersey.

Image Source: Sportslulu

His Instagram post of Dylan and Jessie from April 27, 2014, captioned “Family’s first #siblings,” is among his most liked photos to date. Jessie decided to pursue a career in tennis after seeing Tommy do so.

Siblings Of Tommy Paul: Jessie Lynn Paul And Dylan Paul

Paul has close relationships with both his brother Dylan and his sister Jessie. Tommy has an elder sibling in Jessie. While attending the University of Louisville, she competed on the tennis team.

On December 28, 1995, she entered the world. She played tennis alongside Manuela Velasquez for a while. On her birthday, December 29, 2017, Tommy used Instagram to send her birthday wishes.

She had a 3-2 record in tournament play as a freshman, good enough to advance to the main draw of the ITA Ohio Valley Regional.

She had a 7-3 record in tournament play as a sophomore, including a spot in the main draw at the ITA Ohio Valley Regional. Instagram: @jessielynnpaul, Facebook: @Jessie Lynn Paul.

Dylan went to college at the University of Washington in North Carolina. He values his sibling relationships highly.

He has not shared anything about his private life. Dylan’s Instagram handle is @dylanpaul 18, while his Facebook handle is @Dylan Paul.

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