Tom Verica Wife, Relationship, Children And Family Details

Kira Arne Verica, Tom’s wife, is a writer and activist. Kira Arne established the Wonder Syndicate.

Actor American actor, producer, and director Tom is best known for his role as Jack Pryor in the hit NBC series American Dreams, which aired from 2002 to 2004.

The director’s acting background includes the stage. After finishing high school, he spent a year in New York City attending college.

His first taste of the performing world occurred during his two years at the William Esper Studio in the city. In 1987, he made his television debut on the ABC soap opera All My Children.

After that, he started making guest appearances in films and T.V. shows, including L.A. Law, Die Hard 2, Father’s Day, Red Dragon, and Zodiac, among many more.

The actor’s resume includes his work as a director on episodes of popular shows, including American Dreams, Boston Legal, Ugly Betty, and The Mentalist. He also worked on the show For The People as a producer.

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Know More About Kira Arne

Kira Arne and Tom Verica tied the knot on September 2, 2000. As a pair, they’ve been together for 22 years.

Writer and passionate advocate for young people, Kira Arne, is a household name in the United States. In addition to that, she is a co-creator of The Wonder Syndicate.

As for her parents, only a little is known. The honest Kira is a reclusive introvert. However, Tom’s Instagram posts reveal that she is surrounded by relatives, including her parents, brothers, and cousins.

The actress’s age is unknown because she has not revealed her date of birth. But judging by her appearance, she must be in her forties, even though her special day isn’t until June 11.

She has established herself despite having yet to do much cinematic work. She has acted in various T.V. shows and movies, including The Cosby Show, Loving, Law & Order, Ripper, and Living in Captivity.

She and her spouse had a starring role in the 2001 television series Crossing Jordan. For the film Saved, she served as the producer.

By creating her material, Kira investigates how narratives and social activism may coexist in film, television, and the internet.

She works as a Child Defender and advocates for the empowerment of girls and women and gender equality.

She has spent over twenty years performing on stage and worked as a child model for Ford and IMG Models.

The author is active in Women in Film and the Writers Guild of America, West. She won recognition for her work as a playwright and television writer-producer.

Tom Verica And Wife Kira Arne’s Relationship

The pair have never discussed their first meeting, but neither has left the other’s side since then.

They started dating at some point and tied the knot on September 2, 2000. After the wedding, they had a small celebration.

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They spend much of their time engaged in professional activities. At the moment, they are parents to a boy and a daughter.

Tom Verica’s Children

Tom Verica and his girlfriend have raised two children, a son named Dante and a daughter named Ciana.
Dante Verica is Tom’s oldest kid. June 28 2007, was the day of his birth. Presently, he is 15 years old.

Dante is happy to help his dad with the endeavour. Dante’s resume includes an appearance in the hit ABC series. In total, he was in two shows.

This isn’t the only film or T.V. show where the younger actor has appeared with his famous dad.
Ciana Verica, Tom’s daughter, is the youngest of his children.

While Dante’s exact age is unknown, the Vericas’ daughter can’t be more than three years younger based on the photo.

If that’s the case, then she’s probably 12 years old. Like her brother, she has been on the set of several films and television shows.

Tom Verica’s Family

Tom has three siblings and is the oldest of four children. They settled in Philadelphia despite being foreigners.

Tom Verica Sr. and Betty Verica are the producer’s parents. Immigrant and the youngest of his family, Tom Verica Sr.

He was a merchant in Philadelphia. American Bandstand included Betty, a dancer. Unfortunately, we know very little about Tom’s three siblings.

Their ancestry may be traced back to both Italy and Germany. There is one older sister and two younger brothers. Tom’s parents instilled in him a love of and skill for two different activities: golf and dancing.

His father took him to a country club outside of Philadelphia, where he learned the game, and his mother ensured he could dance.

The actor completed his secondary education in Philadelphia. As a track and field sprinter, he was among the best in the country and had a solid foundation in the game of golf.

Soon after graduating from high school, he enrolled in East Stroudsburg University in Pennsylvania to follow in his father’s footsteps as a successful businessman.

Yet he dropped out of school after only a single year. His parents encouraged his acting career despite his lack of experience when he informed them he did not want to complete his schooling.

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