Sam Kerridge, Tom Kerridge’s brother, works for Marks & Spencer. Tom, a well-known British chef, used to be a child actor who was in many TV shows.

He preferred cooking to performing and enrolled in culinary school when he was 18. Tom’s first job in a commercial kitchen was as a commis chef at Tetbury’s Calcot Manor in 1991.

After that, he moved to Surrey, in southeast England, and got his first job as head chef at Bellamy Dining Room.

After working at several eateries, Tom created The Hand & Flowers, his gastropub. Also, he has made appearances on cookery programs like “Saturday Kitchen,” “Great British Menu,” and “BBC Food and Drink.”

Tom Kerridge Brother, Parents, Wife, And Son Details

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Sam Kerridge, Brother Of Tom Kerridge

Tom Kerridge’s younger brother Sam Kerridge is an introvert. Tom and Sam are completely unlike one other in terms of personalities.

As per Express UK, Tom revealed that they were quite close when they were kids and still managed time to hang out.

He was happy when his brother was born, but their personalities differed. He said Sam is quiet, speaks only when necessary, and dislikes arguments.

Nonetheless, he always has a serious or humorous tone to his voice.On the other hand, Tom used to ride BMX bikes and hang out with bad-behaving boys.

On the other hand, Sam prefers to be alone, is very introverted, and spends a lot of time in his bedroom playing his Sega Mega Drive.

Sam has been working since he quit school to accept a blue-collar job, starting at Marks & Spencer. Tom Kerridge’s Fresh Star, a BBC television program, premiered in 2019.

Tom summoned his brother to the show and gave him the task of making “Spicy beef stir-fry, filled with veggies.”

Divorce Details Of Tom Kerridge’s Parents

Tom’s parents divorced when he was 11 years old, according to The Guardian. After his parents divorced, his mother adopted the dual role of mother and father.

Tom admitted that he felt like he did not grow up with his father because he was absent most of their lives.

Also, he claimed that growing up, his father would not take them to family vacations or football games.His brother, who also had multiple sclerosis, and his father both had quiet personalities.


When he was 18 years old, his father passed away.When the two siblings came to see him, he didn’t know them. At the end of his life, his father could not walk and was confined to a bed.

His mother has had the largest influence on his life; she used to work two jobs to support them. She used to work for Gloucestershire County Council as the deputy chief education officer, and she works at bars in the evenings.

He added that she continues to work at B&Q and assists with theater ushering. Tom also mentioned that single-parent families were typical in his hometown.

Wife Of Tom Kerridge Is Beth Cullen Kerridge

For 25 years, Tom Kerridge and his wife, Beth Cullen Kerridge, have been together. Beth is a British sculptor who works in Staffordshire.

In an interview with The Guardian, Tom revealed that he first met his wife when serving as a chef de partie in Soho while Beth collected money for a stripper.

He took her order, hit it off immediately, and began dating. After six weeks of dating, Beth got down on one knee in Leicester Square at one in the morning.

Tom claimed that he readily agreed to her proposal without any hesitation. He added that his wife’s distinct personality, independence, and lack of reliance on him are the keys to their long-lasting union.

His wife stopped making sculptures while he was building the tavern, and she didn’t start again until it was done.

James and Judith Cullen gave birth to Beth, who is 53. Her father is a businessman and a painter. And Beth’s mother is a businesswoman named Judith Vicent.


Also, she collaborated with well-known artists, including Mike Bolus, Anthony Caro, Richard Rodgers, and Norman Foster.

Acey Kerridge Is Son Of Tom Kerridge

The boy Tom and Beth have is named Acey Kerridge. Acey is seven years old right now. Tom said Hello Magazine that Acey could be more adept at sitting idle and highly interested in completing jobs.

Acey is also constantly doing something.He said he would support his son in getting a job at the restaurant.

Tom spent a lot of time preparing meals during the lockdown, and his kid assisted him in creating omelets and slicing mushrooms.

He said in February that his son had won a contest at school and received a trophy. He also posted a photo of them with the comment, “Order roasted lamb in Crete.”

Tom posted a photo of him and his son at a fair, saying that it made him think of Gloucester Park as a teenager.

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