Jailbreak Lovers: Toby Dorr Bio, Age, Husband, Children & Recent Updates
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Two days before Valentine’s Day in 2006, Toby Dorr, a woman who helped a sentenced murderer with whom she had fallen in love, managed to break out of a maximum-security facility. She claims she was “surprised at how easy it was.”

The Dog Lady is another name for Dorr. She was also once dating John Manard, a prisoner who was imprisoned for murder and burglary.

The Star said that Manard was incarcerated for first-degree murder for his involvement in a fatal carjacking in 1996.

Toby Dorr Biography And Age

Toby Dorr was born in the United States in 1958 and became famed for sneaking a prisoner out of the country in a dog crate. Age 64 describes her.

Dorr, who was 46 at the time of her diagnosis, bravely overcame a little thyroid cancer. However, she also believed that her marital and personal lives were disintegrating, so she launched the Safe Harbor Prison Dog volunteer program for rehabilitative dogs.

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However, her contact in the warden’s office allegedly assigned John Manard, an inmate, to be her bodyguard for a while in October 2005 after a prisoner threatened Toby.

They developed a romantic relationship during that period and decided to leave and start a new life elsewhere. John was in a dog box in Toby’s car, and the 48-year-old Dorr drove off before being found two weeks later.

At that time in my life, I was “simply anxious to be loved, to feel like somebody loved me,” according to the author. But, added Dorr, “I believe that John Maynard loved me as much as he could have loved anyone at the time. Because he, too, was severely damaged.”

Toby Dorr Husband And Children Details

Previously known as Toby Young, Dorr seemed to lead a happy life. She married her high school sweetheart, put in a lot of effort in the telecommunications corporation Sprint, had two kids, and pursued a degree, all while being supported by her parents.

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She wed Chris Dorr, whom she had fallen in love with while visiting Massachusetts. Toby expresses gratitude to Chris for her recovery, joy, and harmony while acknowledging his struggles let him relate to her in a unique way that no one else had.

Chris was aware of her past, but he did not cringe or mock her. He instead acknowledged her emotions and gave her a sense of security.

Where Is Toby Dorr Now?

Toby Dorr admitted to helping, encouraging, and carrying illegal substances into prison. Before receiving a 27-month term, she was required to make a $7,500 reparation payment.

In 2008, she was freed from a Texas federal prison. Dorr then returned to Kansas with her mother, but for the first three months, she felt uneasy in the city due to her upbringing. After that, Toby decided to relocate due to accepting a web design job in Boston, but he would return by Christmas.

Dorr and Chris later got married again in 2009 in a brief courthouse ceremony. She is now a social worker who conducts several programs on personal development to assist women in overcoming emotional trauma.

According to her Facebook, Dorr reportedly completed the manuscript for her “of escape and redemption” novel in June 2019.

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