Tina Leung’s family consists of her mother, Cindy Lo, and her three younger siblings. Tina Leung grew up alongside her three siblings, Katrina, Alda, and Tawny Leung.

Leung is a well-known Hong Kong-based fashion blogger, influencer, and stylist whose work has been featured in editorials for Marie Claire, Elle, and Harper’s Bazaar.

She writes for her blog, Tina Loves. She frequently participates in the street style scene and is renowned for her distinctive sense of style.

Few could pull off that extra appearance as effortlessly as she did; she is undoubtedly one of Hong Kong’s high-fashion queens.

As a cast member of the Netflix reality series Bling Empire: New York, a precursor to the Bling Empire (2021) series, the stylist is currently in the public eye. The program debuted on January 20, 2023.

Tina Leung
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Tina Leung Father And Mother

Parents Cindy Lo and her executive father relocated to Orange County from Hong Kong. The family’s firstborn kid is Tina.

Later, her parents received their second daughter along with Alda, Tawny, and Katrina. They left their home nation about ten years later when the blogger was 12 years old.

According to Leung, they lived in a teeny, tiny suburb with just one grocery shop and one parking place. Her father was frequently absent because he produced baby products for companies like Gerber and Evenflo.

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As a result, the siblings were usually left to their own devices. The four little nuggets enjoyed baking, riding their Barbie bike, and playing in the grass. In addition, ladybugs and butterflies would cost 5 cents each.

She admits that after returning to China, circumstances changed, but they still made the annual trip to Los Angeles, California. Leung asserts that such excursions are when her passion for fashion first developed.

Sisters Of Tina Leung

Tina, who is the oldest of four children, occasionally posts pictures of her sisters Alda, Tawny, and Katrina on Instagram.

It’s crucial to remember that the Leung household was not always safe, comfortable, or happy when the four girls were little. Their father’s travels, their financial situation, and their mother’s predisposition for “craziness” all had a role in its development.

Because she has consistently taken on the vital role of protector and set the road for them, the younger ones are all grateful to the fashion blogger.

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  • Anson Leung

Alda, the second kid, is employed by Andie Swim as the senior creative director. She is in charge of organizing how marketing, logistics, and aesthetics are combined. Her origins in life are in Brooklyn and Hong Kong.

As an art director, she is continuously drawn to the unexpected because it teaches her new perspectives. She believes that her main strength and ultimate goal is to create and develop cohesive visual solutions.

She transferred to Parsons School of Design after completing her undergraduate studies in fine and studio arts at the University of Southern California (BFA). She is active on Instagram, where she goes by the handle @aldal.

  • Tawny Leung

Tawny, Julian Chow’s proud wife, was born after Alda. Additionally, the dedicated pair has a baby daughter who was born in July 2021. Currently two years old, the child.

She got engaged to her longtime partner Julian in May 2018. The delighted bride-to-be uploaded a picture of her sparkling engagement ring on her Instagram account on May 9.

After one year of engagement, the pair decided to wed in May 2019. She now routinely publishes adorable photos on her Instagram account, @tawlly, for followers to see.

  • Jessica Leung

Leung’s younger sister Tina is around 12 years older than Katrina, who is the youngest in the family. She is the director of awards for The James Beard Foundation and has training in both clinical research and performing arts.

The Bling Empire star once stated on Instagram that she had only been born a month when her parents moved to Hong Kong from California.

As they were traveling from the airport to their new home, she remarked that Katrina was exactly one month and one day away. She laughed for the first time while sitting on her older sister’s lap and admiring the lovely lights outside.

She has 693 followers and 500 posts on Instagram under the username @katrinaleuf.

What Is The Net Worth Of Tina Leung?

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Blogger, influencer, and stylist Tina Leung is thought to be worth $1 million.

As a Bling Empire: New York cast member, she will certainly increase her net worth. Nobody is aware of her Netflix pay, though. According to Glassdoor, the base salary for Netflix actors is $158,158 per year.

However, Business Insider claims that the pay rates for reality television stars can differ significantly.

For those docu-ensembles, the per-episode compensation ranges from the low end, around $1500, to the high end, around $3,000, mainly if they’re new. After three years of popularity, the compensation can rise to $7,000–$10,000 each episode, according to a TV agent who was part of the arrangement.

Leung is the wealthiest and most successful member of her family. Meanwhile, her younger siblings are also doing well and have achieved great advancements in their respective employment sectors.

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