Tim Pool News: What Happened To Timcast IRL Tim Pool? Livetream Video ShutDown


Tim Pool and other guests explore current events and cultural and political issues on the conversation show Tim cast IRL. Along with Lydia serving as the program’s live producer, Ian Crossland is the program’s co-host.

Two of Pool’s four YouTube accounts are Tim cast and Tim Pool, while the third channel is a clip channel for his podcast. Political commentary is included daily in Tim’s model and Tim Pool.

Shut Down YouTube Livestream Video: What Happened To Timcast IRL Tim Pool?

The most recent stream of Tim cast IRL had just ended at the time of this upload, and the hosts were awaiting word on whether the stream would resume or if they would have to wait until the following day to figure out what had gone wrong.

As evidenced by Tim Pool, hate speech against LGBTQ individuals on YouTube is not being filtered effectively. Tim Pool, a prominent right-wing figure, leveled a serious charge in a video posted to YouTube the previous Friday.

He alleged that “pedophiles now control the LGBTQ community,” and he levied the same defamation at a reporter who works for the Daily Dot. This was a blatant infraction of YouTube’s hate speech policy.

YouTube doesn’t take any action to delete even the most objectionable content, as evidenced by the fact that this video is still available more than a week later and has received more than a quarter of a million views.

Find Timcast IRL Timpool Net Worth

American YouTuber, author, political commentator, and podcast presenter Tim Pool has amassed a net worth of $3 million in the United States as of 2022. Of course, his handsome half-million dollar salary got paid each year.

He was one of the first to gain great public recognition in 2011 when he started streaming live coverage of the Occupy Wall Street protests.

One of the most well-liked YouTube channels on the Internet is Tim’s main, self-titled channel, which has over 1.3 million members. In addition, Tim Pool started a second YouTube channel for himself in 2016 called Tim cast IRL. Tim is the owner of this channel as well.

Who Is Timpool Girlfriend?

Allison is the woman in Tim Pool’s photo uploaded on his Instagram page. Tim Pool and Allison are now dating. His girlfriend is not explicitly mentioned, although she may be seen in one of his Instagram postings.

The rumors about renowned individuals are spreading sporadically if you are the judge to determine the truth and monitor it.

While growing up in Chicago, Illinois, where he was born, Pool came from a middle-class household.

Biography Of Tim Pool On Twitter

Tim Pool is described as a journalist, a dissatisfied liberal, a pundit, a filmmaker, a skateboarder, and a musician who has formerly worked for VICE and Fusion in his Twitter bio.

On Twitter, where he has almost 1.5 million followers, he frequently posts new content.

He got into a violent dispute with Zuby when Twitter suspended his account for speaking out against grooming.

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