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Monz, a Tiktok user, has become well-known among social media users. Who exactly is he? I’m interested in learning what his real name is. Let’s take a look at some intriguing facts about the popular social media influencer.

The internet has provided people with a platform to demonstrate their talent and expertise. Every day, new people create a new problem that draws an increasing number of viewers.

The younger generation has worked out how to make the most of the internet and social media. Similarly, Monz, a male, has just gone viral.

Monz Is On Tiktok, But Who Is He? The Real Name of the Person

Monz goes by the name @internet_breaker on Tiktok. His real name is Monzy Wozny.

Despite just posting eight videos on the platform, the social media influencer has amassed over 62k followers. He primarily made videos regarding worldwide issues like the Ukraine-Russia conflict, the Tesla electric car, and so on.



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A man who appears to be a retired Australian military soldier appears in the viral video. He revealed in one of his films that he served in East Asia during his military duty.

Similarly, he makes films with a large number of girls while keeping their identities hidden. Until now, he has kept his true identity hidden.

How old is Monz?

Monz seems to be around 45 years old in 2022. His birthday hasn’t been revealed yet.
In 2021, this Australian social media influencer joined the social media network and has since submitted videos. At the same time, he controls a bunch of Tiktok accounts.

Image Source: Instagram

In any case, his films are well-liked by his admirers, and he is gaining recognition by the day. More than 50k people have liked his videos thus far.

Meet Monz On Instagram

Monz’s Instagram handle is @tiktok.monz, and he can be found there.

The Australian social media influencer has around 10,000 Instagram followers. So far, he has 28 postings on his account, most of them are vehicles.

Furthermore, it appears that the Tiktok celebrity who has gone viral is of Arab descent. He travels to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, on a constant schedule and has featured the city in many of his films. On Tiktok, he’s been doing an iPhone 13 giveaway challenge recently.

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